Four Easy Steps for Origami Cash Coronary heart Wrinkles
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Four Easy Steps for Origami Cash Coronary heart Wrinkles

pink money heart fold

We all know that – the heart is the symbol of love. So you are invited to an official or less demanding occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding from a favorite person. Of course you accept the invitation, but you do not know what kind of gift you need to choose. Then just ask what the individual wishes. The most common answer is – money. Money is not the best gift, but you can make it interesting so you do not just put the money in an envelope. A creative solution to the problem is the s.g. Origami. In a few simple steps, we’ll explain how you can quickly fold Origami Money Heart!

Folding money Heart means giving love and joy

money heart fold sweet

money heart fold colorful

When you fold a money heart and give it away to a Libling person, you show that you have taken time to design it. Also, this sweet gift could really be of use to someone – e.g. Pending trip, pay the driver’s license, save money for a new car – 2 in 1, love and benefits combined!

Step 1 money heart fold creative

First of all, the bill in the middle must be folded long ago.

step 2 Money heart fold blue

You must then carefully cut in half the length of the bill. Then the top part has to be folded upwards, so that 90 ° angles are created and the corners match exactly.

step 3 money heart simply fold

Then turn the note just a little until you recognize the V letter. Turn the bill on the other side so that the back is facing up.

Step 4 Money heart fold interesting

money heart fold dear

Finally, you must put the 4 corners together and bend. Then turn the bill back to the front.

Different types of money origami

Money heart fold box

money heart fold christmas tree

money heart fold fly

Money heart fold ship

Money heart fold butterfly

Money heart fold butterfly

money heart fold swan

Money heart fold ring

Money heart folds different

Money heart fold rose

Money heart fold bird

money heart fold shoes

Money heart fold ship

money heart fold flower

On the whole, it’s not difficult at all! There are other ways to make money out of other characters and to surprise your friends with creativity – Origami flowers , Multibox, bow tie, Christmas tree of 3 banknotes, coin box, paper ship, butterfly, swan and much more. Be inspired and show your friends how sentimental you are!

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