For little princesses: Make baby hairband your self
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For little princesses: Make baby hairband your self

There is nothing more adorable than a newborn – except perhaps a baby, with a headband with a huge beautiful flower. A mum knows exactly what a decorative headdress fits her baby best. The baby hair band not only looks charming, but helps to keep the hair out of the eyes. With a homemade hair band, your newborn becomes a princess.

Making baby hairband yourself: incredibly easy!

Baby hairband with flowers

The first question you might ask would be about the length of your baby hair band. The headband should be around the head of your baby, so you need to measure this. But you have to have 2 centimeters extra. For newborns, the hair band size is about 30 centimeters. If your baby is up to 6 months, make the band 2-3 inches longer. You can easily make the band yourself – no matter if it is a rubber band or a ribbon, the most important part is the flower! A charming rose looks very good on the head of your little girl. And all you broke is a piece of felt and hot glue gun. Cut 7 equal circles out of the felt and glue them together. This flower can also be made of satin fabric.

DIY instructions for a baby headband with bow

Baby Hair Band 1

Baby Hair Band 2

Baby Hairband Done

Make a cute headband out of old clothes

Baby Hair Band Stylish

Everyone has old clothes that are never worn anymore. An old t-shirt can make your little girl a princess. And you only need 15 minutes! Cut a strip of fabric that is just barely shorter than its main circle circumference, as the fabric will stretch. Thread your needle and reach over to your fabric ends. Sew them together with a loose stitch. Cut a hand full of circles in the interval of 3? out your biggest one too 1? that is your smallest. Put the circles on top of a dust bag that starts with the largest and ends with the smallest. Discover our other ideas and instructions for a fascinating headdress!

Baby Hairband Instructions

Baby hair band styles

Baby hairband blue

Baby hairband flower

Baby hairband flower DIY

Baby hairband flowers made of paper Baby Hairband Flowers DIY Baby Hairband Colorful

Baby hairband design

Baby Hairband DIY Instructions

baby hair band diy-steps

Baby hair band dresses

Baby hair band small

Baby hair band materials

Homemade baby headband

Baby hair band bundle

Baby hair band fabric type

Baby hair band already

Baby hairband diapers

Make baby hairband DIY yourself

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