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Fold banknote to the flower – directions and concepts

Gorgeous Banknote Rose Creative DIY Ideas

If you are invited to a birthday party and do not have a good idea for a suitable present, you should not panic immediately. The gift of money is also a possible variant – this also applies to the cases when you just do not have time to get something nicer. These types of gifts need not be unimaginative or too boring. Also from banknotes can be easily and in a few minutes tinker an original gift. Read our guide on how to fold a bill to the flower and be inspired!

Fold banknote to the flower – an original gift idea

interesting flower from bank notes

three original flowers from banknotes

Rose from banknotes

beautiful rose from banknotes

original flower from bills

Banknote fold flower ideas and inspirations

DIY banknote flower

Banknote flower ideas and inspirations

Folding DIY banknote to the flower

Fold banknote to the flower

From banknotes – old or in circulation, even a whole impressive and really precious Blumenstrauβ can be made. If you do not want to donate so much, you can either Make flowers out of paper , or combine the “bill flowers” with fresh flowers – this version will look spectacular! And this creative gift can also really be of use.

Folding banknote to flower – preparation and necessary materials

three bank note flowers

original rose from banknotes

Gorgeous Banknote Rose Creative DIY Ideas

DIY banknote flower

Flower from bills original ideas DIY

interesting flower banknotes DIY

two roses from banknotes

Banknote flower original design

original rose banknotes

Banknote to the flower fold DIY ideas

Banknote rose

Banknote tulip

two roses from bills creative DIY ideas

original banknote flowers

As mentioned above, to fold a flower from bill, can be done easily and in a small amount of time. Actually you can make different flowers from bank notes – for example roses or tulips, and there are variants with different degrees of difficulty – either for beginners, or for people who like dealing with origami. In this article, we offer a simple guide whose steps anyone can easily accomplish. For each “bill flower” you only need 3 same notes and flower wire. The bills can be easily ironed in advance so that you can easily fold later.

Fold banknote to the flower – detailed instructions

Banknote 10 euros

bend the corners of the bill

Fold the flower to fold the bottom side to the centerline

Banknote to flower fold picture instructions

three folded bills

finished banknote flower

Banknote fold flower picture guide

Flower from bills fold instruction

Instructions in pictures Fold money

Banknote to the flower fold rose

Flower from banknote fold instruction

If you want to fold a bill to the flower, first lay it up with the paler side up, and fold the horizontal miter line by tightening the fold edge vigorously. Then you should open the bill again and fold its four corners also to the middle line. Then do the same with the bottom and top of the bill and after you are done, fold the bottom side over the top. The other two notes should also be folded this way. The next step is to place the three bills in a row so that the silver tip is alternately left and right. Then you should cut off the flower wire about 20 centimeters and wrap it around the folded bills. It is especially important that the thorn is located exactly in the middle to make the flower really beautiful. Next you have to twist the wire under the bills. And now comes the time to open the individual petals by placing your thumb in between and pressing down on the middle finger. Finished! And green crepe paper can also make beautiful leaves for your flowers.

Fächerblumen aus Bills fold

Fold banknote to the flower

Flower from bank note

Fold banknote to the flower

simple flower bank note

But if you have too little time, there is an alternative to the first option that can be of use to you. This variant is even faster and easier, but the fun is just as beautiful and impressive. The flowers made in this case are also called fan flowers. For this you only need banknotes and wire. Take a note and fold it like an accordion. Then tie a short piece of wire firmly around the middle and gently open the ends of the bill. Your homemade “bill flowers” are already done! And the bills can also be easily removed from the wire if they are needed for other purposes. You can attach the ‘bill’ flowers to a piece of wire, which can be put in a bouquet of flowers, for example. Make sure that there is enough space between the flowers so that they are not cut. A bouquet of exclusively fake flowers is also a variant.

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