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Flip the toilet right into a wellness oasis – how and why?

wellness-oasis-in-the-own-four-walls-great-atmosphaere-wood-water-whirlpool relax zone

Monday – traffic jams, nervous people around you, hectic atmosphere and countless office tasks. You could be annoying in this environment. But not you! Why? Because you can expect a wellness therapy in the evening and in your own four walls. They have endeavored to turn the home into a wellness oasis, now is the last time to enjoy them.

Claim for luxury – sauna at home

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Do you see those cheerful people in the office who are in such a good mood on Monday morning and Friday evening? They are so easy to notice and everyone is wondering how to create this effect. Our team did a survey and we came to the conclusion: the more comfortable you feel at home, the better you will recover. Rest and good sleep are the main cause of good mood in most people, though this fact often goes unnoticed by them. In the second place come balanced nutrition and sports that contribute to the well-being and productivity of one. When you feel relaxed and healthy, you get more work done, so you have a sense of complacency and more time for your family, social engagement and hobbies.

Create a wellness oasis through proper bathroom equipment

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How do you react, if we further state that there is a variant that you can indulge in wellness and sports not only while on vacation, but also every day at home ?! Of course, this is only possible if you have the right equipment. Let us now move to your apartment. It is already renovated and comfortably furnished: new furniture, soft cushions as a deco, comfortable armchairs and chairs – beautiful living design on the whole – as well as in terms of color, as well as in terms of design. Somehow, that still does not seem completely enough for you to create the perfect ambience? Our solution is here and means EAGO , Over the past 10 years, they have been developing modern top products for the bathroom, as well as the standard things of everyday life: faucets, toilets and similar, but also luxury amenities: whirlpools, steam showers and saunas. We would like to recommend you as a market leader, because you could get them first advice before a possible purchase by phone or in person. This makes it easier to choose, by taking into account your own needs and options depending on the type of apartment.

Peace and luxury for two

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If we are to calculate at the end, it is much cheaper to get a sauna, steam shower or a whirlpool at home, instead of constant expensive travel back and forth. These are of course not excluded – they also offer a certain amount of pleasure and new unique experiences. But you can afford a holiday every other week only difficult – in terms of time and sometimes even price is just not. In turn, the high-quality hot tub is waiting for you and is always ready to eliminate the stress. Otherwise you can also use it with friends or partners. Why should one, for example, deal with annoying organizations around coming Valentine’s Day, if you just like to enjoy champagne, strawberries and maybe some chocolate in the romantic spa oasis of your own bathroom … Are you already on the way to the shop or look prefer the online page? Have fun with your homely moments at home, our team wishes!

Feel like on an exotic holiday in your own bathroom


Whirlpool and Relaxing Zone at Home – Why Not?

wellness-oasis-in-the-own-four-walls-great-atmosphaere-wood-water-whirlpool relax zone

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