Fire as an eye-catcher - 19 inspirations for fire paneling
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Fire as an eye-catcher – 19 inspirations for fire paneling

With the first advent, Christmas season and Christmas decoration comes the desire for coziness and warmth, the desire for an evening with the family in front of the fireplace. In recent years, the fireplace is no longer considered as a heating device, but as a part of the device, as a decoration. And it is the fireplace surround that is the element that transforms the fireplace into a real eye-catcher in the interior design. Which fireplace cladding for which living style you should choose, find out here!

Fireplace cladding for country style

Fireplace cladding with natural stones and wood is perfect for country house style

The fireplace creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. That’s why it fits so well with the country house style. If you have a living room with a rustic look, you definitely have furniture made of solid wood or at least a wooden floor. You can also use the wood in the fireplace cladding when cladding the body with MDF boards. Wood can be beautifully combined with natural stones. A mix of granite and wood is simply an eye-catcher. Get creative ideas for disguise from our great picture gallery.

Fireplace cladding inspired by minimalism

White fireplace mantel is inspired by minimalism

In recent years, the design of the fireplace is changed. These are no longer those heavy and large fireplaces that need a lot of space. A simple design with clean lines was inspired by minimalism and is ideal for modern facilities. But how do we have to disguise such a modern fireplace? Simply dye in white – clean, delicate and elegant! We also have a great idea if you want to see more of the fire. Scroll down!

See more of the fire with a glass fireplace

Fireplace cladding full of glass ensures more comfort

The fire is actually the greatest coziness factor. That’s why you’ll decorate your fireplace with glass to make you feel even more comfortable! And we’re not just talking about a glass front. But! It is a fireplace, which is fully covered on three sides with glass. A tip from us: If you opt for such a fireplace cladding, put the heater in the middle of the room.

Inexpensive and beautiful – dress your fireplace with tiles

Fireplace cladding with tiles

Fireplace cladding - combination of natural stones and wood

Fireplace cladding for a country-style apartment

Fireplace cladding tiles mosaic

Fireplace cladding modern design
Fireplace cladding modern design with granite

High chimney panel modern design

Fireplace cover made of wood

Wooden fireplace surround is perfect for both country house and modern design

Wooden fireplace surround is perfect for both country house and modern design

Fireplace cladding with white concrete

Fireplace cladding with white concrete and tiles

Kaminverkleidung country style

Fireplace cover of metal

Fireplace panel minimalism

Fireplace panel minimalism

Fireplace cladding with natural stones

Fireplace cladding traditional in white

Fireplace cladding for modern style

Fireplace cladding natural stones

Fireplace cladding wood and tiles

Fireplace cladding black and white design

Chimney panel white

Fireplace panel white tiles

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