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Filofaxing Concepts: Beautify Your Diary!

Decorate DIY Filofaxing Dates Calendar

Filofaxing has been gaining in popularity lately and in this post you will learn all about the new trend and you will collect some great DIY ideas that you can implement yourself! The term “filofaxing” actually means decorating and beautifying the scheduler so that it becomes a small work of art. Making each page creative is a breeze and would certainly make fun of you – not just while crafting, but every time you open your agenda. If you are a crafts fan and strive to make everything more beautiful to you, you are right here! Take a look at our suggestions and be inspired!

Filofaxing as a new trend and creative hobby

Filofaxing scheduler decorate dots pattern butterfly

Filofaxing motifs season summer

Filofaxing ideas great brackets

Make Filoxafing diary colorful

Filofaxing motifs season winter

The filofaxing trend has conquered the web today, and this fact is a bit surprising at first glance. Because in today’s “digital” world, it’s much faster and easier to save all appointments in your smartphone or computer, reminding us of important data rather than using an old-fashioned scheduler. However, the second version has a special charm for many people and that is precisely why the Filofaxing trend has emerged. It is actually about the decorating of each page, with the protective cover remains undisguised. This is how the agenda looks like, but if you open it, you will be surprised and impressed. After all, running a standard scheduler is time-consuming and rather “impractical,” but it allows you to write down your own thoughts in a very special way, making the gray everyday life a little more colorful! Ornate gives you the opportunity to express your own imagination and creativity, and the result looks truly unique – look at the photos in this post to show! Below, we also give you some helpful tips for decorating your scheduler. Continue reading!

Why is Filofaxing so popular?

Filofaxing great DIY ideas rainbow colors

Organizer decorate Filofaxing Mickey Mouse

Filofaxing ideas delicate romantic roses

Filofaxing motif selection Klee

Filofaxing DIY animal dog pattern

Although Filofaxing seems a bit old-fashioned and reminds us of school hours, you may have already convinced yourself that this could be a very creative occupation and even a great hobby! It has become so popular today that you can even buy special Filofax appointment schedules – they can either be ordered online or found at Galeria Kaufstadt or Karhof. Of course, you could also use a standard no-name scheduler. The materials you need to decorate are not much either – crafting paper is actually the easiest. For example, you could choose colorful stickers in different shapes and colors, stamps, washi-tape, napkins, sequins, bookmarks and even paperclips – just let your imagination run wild and the beautiful anniversary is guaranteed!

Great Filofaxing ideas for copying

Filofaxing Dekoideen floral motifs Washi Tape

Filofaxing Diary creator creatively fashion Fox

Filofaxing organizer colorful frog

Filofaxing timetable pink purple cute owls

Filofaxing diary decorate floral motifs

Decorate Filofaxing diary with stickers and washi tape

Filofaxing scheduler decorate with washi tape

Filofaxing schedulers decorate the best ideas

Filofaxing deco ideas organizer butterflies

Filofaxing makes the selection of motifs, materials and colors a matter of taste. You could opt for any color scheme, as well as make your organizer very colorful and atmospheric. An interesting idea would be to pick a specific topic – for example, depending on the season. In autumn, for example, you could decorate the pages with colorful leaves, acorns, pine cones and other autumnal motifs, in winter – paint snowflakes, pine branches, Christmas balls, and in the spring for flowers and butterflies decide. In summer, the shell shells, wave motifs and umbrellas would bring you a holiday mood. It is nice to paint as well as to use pasting, because they create an original 3D effect. The great stickers can also be used to hide errors. Another creative idea would be to decorate the agenda with your favorite quotes, inspirational thoughts, and aphorisms that would motivate you to work everyday. Do not forget that in the Scheduler you could not only note the important dates and events, but also your own thoughts – so it also serves as a kind of diary.

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