Fashionable wall design: adorning with letters & numbers
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Fashionable wall design: adorning with letters & numbers

Wall design with letters and numbers

For more individuality in your own home, there are large letters and numbers. On the wall, as a decorative object or as a commodity you set so extraordinary accents. This creates an exciting eye-catcher, which testifies to a high degree of creativity.


Wall decoration - typographic interior decoration

Deco with letters and numbers is suitable for many premises. Whether as a wall tattoo or as a poster, through the interior decoration gets a room a special character , Part of this decoration is a motto that attracts attention above the shelf. In other cases, the letters and numbers are just wildly sorted and sort of stand alone.
When choosing the wall and room decoration you should let your gut feeling have a say. After all, it’s about realizing your personal style. In the DIY forums, furniture stores and decoration shops there is the necessary inspiration to surround yourself with original things and to coordinate everything. There is no right or wrong, who likes, can even purposely build false math equations with the numbers. That definitely arouses the attention of the visitors!


Wall design with letters and numbers

Colorful or in black-and-white contrast, directly on the wall or in the form of posters and prints, the ideas for an original decoration with letters and numbers are very diverse. Those who opt for pictures and posters often find funny quotes that are artistically illustrated or that stand out with special fonts. Such a statement can be more than just a relaxing wall decoration and sometimes makes guests think.
With several pictures of this kind an ensemble can be put together, which makes the room wall an exciting attraction. Even in the stairwell, such a collection is great. With a gallery bar or other installations it is easy to exchange the pictures now and then.
Sometimes the deco letters and numbers are also around nostalgic advertising objects or parts of an earlier neon sign. Also interesting are the letters from the printing industry, which are sorted for example in an old set box or in the showcase. The difference between functional elements and works of art is not always clear: this is exactly the charm of this original decoration. Larger letters or numbers are good for hanging and setting up. At flea markets you can often find interesting decorative objects that already have a long history. In addition, many trend-oriented manufacturers now offer individual illuminated letters and similar decorations.
Tips in the DIY platforms show how to make the numbers yourself: wood, cardboard and many other materials can be used for small or large shapes. The decorative value is sometimes related to a certain “skew” of the letters, while other objects are perfectly worked out.

Wall design with letters and numbers



A typeface often has an artistic value: then one speaks of the typography. It bridges the separation between writing and image. The result is a decoration that is as expressive as a work of art and as unequivocal as a word.
In the letters and texts in beautiful writing, both the decoration and the sense comes into focus. Whether it’s well-known quotes or a self-invented life motto, typography also plays a role in the evaluation of this special decoration. If you want to have a lasting work of art, you can either buy a picture with this word-art, or become creative yourself , For both options you have the choice between printing and wall tattoos.

Wall design with wall tattoos or monogram


Wall tattoo as a creative wall design

As part of the decoration with letters and numbers, wall tattoos are very popular. They make it possible to place the elements independently of furniture. Directly on the wall of the room, they add typographic accents and bring original sentences into play.
In some cases, these wall tattoos are only individual letters that you can put together to a name or to different words. There is also complete sayings that come to the wall of the room with or without flourishes. The font itself is the focus and is one important design element , The possibly additional frames should be selected according to the font in order to consistently maintain the style.
When choosing words, fonts, punctuation and other details, it is important to keep an eye on the overall impression. Only then can the effect be adapted to personal wishes. Last but not least, consider the surface: the smoother the wall, the clearer the lines of the wall tattoo.


Examples of creative wall design with homemade letters

Nostalgic or straightforward, artistic or minimalist, there is a wide range of fonts for different styles. Sometimes they are even mixed together, but that should not be exaggerated, because with longer spells the look quickly becomes too restless. That is why many opt for a particular typeface that varies in size at the most.
On the walls, on pieces of furniture or as a decorative object, the words and numbers are decorative. Among other things, the following options are available:
• wall tattoos and pictures,
• stickers for cabinet doors and flat furniture,
• Occasional furniture and accessories such as boxes with inscriptions,
• Letters and numbers as decorations for tables and sideboards.

With these elements one can experiment a lot to vary the individual living atmosphere. Partly the labeled accessories and small furniture are rustic elements with small inaccuracies: this gives them a particularly authentic look. In other pieces such as sets, large cups and Aufstellbildern work bright colors and striking lines as an eye-catcher.


Examples of creative wall design with homemade letters

Decorative crockery with eye-catching letters is ideal to avoid confusion and to line up the cups and plates on the kitchen shelf. That looks great and creates a personal, welcoming atmosphere. It is interesting when you set up these objects so that they give a specific word. Incidentally, the letter-printed plates can also be used as wall decorations: hung vertically, they create a special ambience.
In other cases, these are pictures and accessories with funny sayings. They make the guests smile or are particularly cool. Very popular are pillows and blankets, which are decorated with smart quotes. Sometimes it is just a few numbers that are on the surface.
Even the prints and tattoos on the wall lend themselves to an unsorted conglomeration of numbers or interesting life wisdom. If you want to be creative yourself, you can not only put together the templates as you like, but also formulate a motto yourself. So your own apartment becomes an imaginative, completely individual retreat.
Very popular are the XXL letters and numbers of wood , They become on the wall or on the shelf for the three-dimensional decoration. Depending on the size and the spatial possibilities, you can use these letters in a randomly mixed group or form concepts from them. Smaller 3D letters are also suitable as a smart table decoration.


Make deco numbers and letters yourself

For the DIY specialists, there are many tips on how they can tinker their digits themselves. Often there are also instructions for children. Colorful cards, printed tablecloths or self-sewn pillows become favorite items that will make you happy. Therefore, these pieces are perfect as a gift, no matter whether it is small or large decorations.
Cups, glasses and plates can be decorated with letters, names or words. Here it is important to the ingredients and To test durability of the paint , Some manufacturers offer crockery with letters as a finished product, but it makes children much more fun to be creative themselves. With stamps or utensils from the printing house, it is also possible to decorate the small and larger items in the apartment. Colorful cubes with letters and numbers, cheerful greetings cards and tightly stamped pictures make the apartment a familiar, cozy home.

Make golden letters yourself

Do DIY monogram yourself

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