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Fashionable bogs – 40 luxurious inside design concepts

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Are you curious about the latest trends in the field bathroom design are? In this article we present you 40 modern bathrooms that give you an idea of ​​it! As well as information on the most up-to-date trends, below you will also find a few useful tips from which to get inspiration for setting up your own bathroom. We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Enjoy reading!

Set up modern bathrooms – valuable tips

Bad ideas modern design mosaic tiles

Bathroom tiles gray stone

modern bath black white

modern bathrooms design ideas

Bathrooms ideas modern design

Bad make modern helpful tips

Luxury bathroom fireplace large bathtub

Bathroom modern huge bathtub

Bathroom modern wooden floor stone tiles

Bathroom design modern stainless steel faucet

modern bathroom creative design ideas

The bath of today must be an oasis of well-being, where one can relax and reduce the stress. That’s why modern bathrooms are characterized by neutral color schemes, clear shapes, shiny surfaces and fine materials. However, creating the perfect interior is not always an easy task – it should radiate comfort and elegance, yet be attuned to the space. For example, the large whirlpool tub in a narrow bath will make the room look even smaller. The compact glass shower cubicle would be a much better solution. In principle, small bathrooms are more difficult to design compared to the larger ones, because you should find many different ways to save space. But even if you have a spacious bathroom, it should be set up so that it does not look overcharged. The photos in this post are examples of successful modern bathroom design, so you could use this as a source of inspiration. In fact, it is best to have a clear, harmonious room design before you start setting up. In doing so, you should consider both your own wishes as well as the latest design trends so that the result is modern and stylish at the end. And what’s hot today, we’ll tell you below!

Modern bathrooms – design with natural materials

modern bathroom design ideas natural materials

modern bathroom design ideas

Bathroom design modern freestanding bath

Tile bathroom beige modern look

modern bathroom design wood

Bathroom design modern wood paneling

Bathroom Ideas Modern Design Freestanding Bathtub

Especially popular today is the bathroom design with natural materials – natural stone, marble, gravel, solid wood. The modern bathrooms, inspired by nature, exude cosiness, comfort and simple elegance, and are characterized by a wonderful Welness ambience. The room concept is often complemented by green plants that enhance the sense of naturalness, or by large windows and skylights that let the sun’s rays into the bathroom.

Modern bathrooms – set original accents

Tile bath impressive pattern

Bathroom tile ideas beige modern look

Bad set up modern tips and tricks

Bathroom design modern beige stone tiles

Bathroom design with mosaic tiles

Bathroom set up modern ideas

Bathroom tiles beige modern look

Bathroom images 3D wall tiles

Typical for the design of a modern bathroom are also the original accents that draw the eye. To highlight certain colors, patterns and textures, you might opt ​​for beautiful bathroom tiles, for example. Tiles remain the most popular wall and floor coverings for the bathroom today, and that’s not by chance – they’re durable, extra-fast and easy to clean, and often impress with a striking look. Tiles can be used to create original floor and wall decorations, but the selection can be really difficult because the variety of different designs, finishes and patterns on the market is enormous. Today, the ceramics industry has also developed special 3D wall tiles that can be used to create great visual effects in the bathroom.

Create interesting visual effects in the bathroom

Bathroom design modern accent lighting bathtub

Bathroom ideas mirror lighting

Bathrooms make little helpful tips

Guest toilet design examples

Bathroom modern minimalist style

Ideas modern bathroom design

Interesting accents can be set in the bathroom with the lighting. Modern bathrooms are bright and spacious, so the light should come from multiple sources. The integrated LED lighting on the ceiling, the walls or around the mirror is a great idea! It has become an absolute hit today, because it gives the bathroom a whole new look, and in the evening can really make a romantic impression. If you do not find the discreet LED people so attractive, you can also opt for larger light bodies with extravagant looks – for example a beautiful chandelier made of forged steel for the bathroom in vintage style.

Design accent walls

Dream baths modern ideas and inspirations

modern bathroom design tips accent wall

Bathroom modern design accent wall

Pictures bathroom modern design

modern bathroom large bathtub glass shower cabin

Shower buy bathroom helpful tips

Bathroom tiles ideas gray stone tiles

A real eye-catcher in the modern bathroom are also the accent walls. A central wall is selected in the room, which should be different from the others. An accent wall with photo wallpaper is the perfect idea for the small bathroom, because it would create the illusion for more space. For the luxurious baths, Swarovski’s crystal mosaic accent walls are currently in the spotlight, creating a truly glamorous ambience.

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