Fancy pies: 21 cute DIY concepts
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Fancy pies: 21 cute DIY concepts

Fancy some fancy pies? Then you are right here! What do you first think about when you hear the word pie? Certainly not to many recipes and hours of baking. You first imagine chocolate, or what is on the cake, which not only looks cute, but also tastes so. I agree! The cherry on the cake is of course the decoration. With our 21 sweet ideas you will manage your cake in a feat!

Fancy pies have no trace of something traditional

Fancy cake decoration

Use colorful cornflakes rings for your fancy cake! This idea goes very well with a buttermilk birthday cake. With the rings make brightly colored polka dots. And why not put an ice cream directly on the cake? Especially nice is that the icing drips like melted ice over the cake. Just awesome! Another sweet idea would be lollipops. There is no child who loves lollipops. They can not only be decoration. Unwrap many lollipops and just pierce them in the cake.

The new trend cake with real flowers

Fancy pies wedding cakes

To decorate fancy pies with fresh flowers you only need a good eye for harmony and colors. This trend fits perfectly into the overall picture of a wedding, for example. And it would be even better if the same flowers were used in the table decoration and bridal bouquet. You can also bake flowers yourself. There are different shapes and sizes made with simple cutouts. In this way, baking flowers as a cookie becomes child’s play. A romantic part of your cake would be a cake ribbon. Tie each floor of the cake with a lace ribbon. You can also decorate the first floor with glittering cells.

No time? Just put your favorite things on the cake

Fancy cake toy

If you do not have time for baking and preparation, we have a very easy idea for you! If your kid fancies a favorite subject – minecraft, star wars, elves – making a cake with some small LEGO constructions or favorite figures is better idea than a frosting of wrinkles. The best part is that your child can play with the toys later. Plus you have a cake, as well as a gift!
Fancy Pies Flowers DIY Fancy pies cornflakes

Fancy pies Colorful cornflakes

Fancy pies DIY decoration

Fancy pies DIY

Fancy pies Do it yourself decoration

Fancy pies deco cake ribbon

Fancy pies chocolate

Fancy pies Real flowers

Fancy cake decoration ideas

Fancy pies Kindertorte

Fancy pies fruit decoration

Fancy pies Rafaelo decoration

Fancy cake lollipops

Fancy pies DIY

Fancy pies Colorful cornflakes

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