Fabulous hairstyles and latest trends for medium-long hair 2017
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Fabulous hairstyles and latest trends for medium-long hair 2017


Medium-long hair is not just a transitional hairstyle, but also the ideal compromise between short and long. Often the medium-length hairstyles are sweeter and have more volume than long hair. The middle length is the hair length between chin and shoulder. A big advantage of the mitellangen hair is the practical benefit – they have enough length for the design of fabulous hairstyles and at the same time they do not need the elaborate long-hair care.

Medium long hair is just totally adorable. They emphasize the contours of the face, neck and jaw and give our cleavage lightness and freedom.

Chic trends for medium-long hair 2017

The classic at transition length is the stiffig-cut bob, which is fanned by a long pony imaginative. Playful bangs with bangs are just a small part of the majority of variations that are currently worn. Naturally curly women can choose a casual style or a Marilyn Monroe cut. An ash blond hair color would make the hairstyle even more shine. Side vertex, emphasized with a lot of volume and playful waves are the trendsetter in haircut 2017.

Different hair needs different cut

If you have fine hair, you will be very pleased with a short buffed cut. With thick hair, one shoulder length is recommended. A pony can be perfectly combined with mitelllangen hairstyles, but the length and structure of the hair are crucial.

The perfect wedding hairstyle for mid-length hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair can look enchantingly romantic. Whether curly, or plaited, this does not matter, even updos are possible with shoulder straps hair to create. In fact, curls are very trendy and popular because they give the fine hair much more volume. So, do not worry that your hair is not the right length for a wedding hairstyle. There are a surprising number of varities for official coiffure hairs. Accessories also play a major role in mitellnagen hair. Especially with hair accessories you can make your hairstyle very romantic.

Medium-length hair can also convince through color accents, especially strands in different colors. The blonde tones are very natural and bring a new swing of hairstyle.

Great hairstyle for medium-long hair

Casual hair style for every day

Medium long with a few strands for a good mood

Medium length haircut with pony-great combination

Medium-length hair with Catherine Zeta Jones

chic and stylish with medium-length hairstyle

Medium-length hair is always chic

nice hairstyles

medium hair length chic and stylish

Stylish hairstyle for medium-length hair

Stylish medium

Rhyana - medium length haircut

Medium-length haircut with strands

medium length haircuts

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