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Eye Tattoo Design – which means and 34 nice examples

Eye tattoo

The eye tattoo can really be fascinating and is well received by both sexes. Apart from the fact that an eye tattoo immediately attracts attention, it also has a symbolic meaning. You’ll be surprised how many design variations of eye tattoos even exist. Some prefer the real-looking eye, others prefer an elaborate version. Some like the cat or snake eyes, others are satisfied with a human eye. If you are interested in this topic, you will find very useful information in this post.

Meaning and symbolism of the eye tattoo

triangle eyes tattoo symbol

One and the same eye tattoo can have a different meaning depending on the person. The eye tattoo could simply represent what you believe or what you imagine. This could suggest something like vision, life, religion, orientation, mindset and imagination, inner being, intelligence, security, intuition or even a future prediction.

Designs for an Eye Tattoo – The Eye of Horus

blue horusauge tattoo

This symbol from Egypt is very popular nowadays. It is also known under the name “Eye of Ra”. The legend known under the Eye of Horus is that Horus fought against Seth for succession to the throne. Horus is said to have had the moon as the left eye and the sun as the right eye. He defeated Seth, but lost his left eye during the fight. Horus then got a new eye from the god Troth.
Horus is also called the god with the falcon head. The depiction of the Horus eye is inspired by the falcon image. A tattoo design based on it is unique and shows its own character. It can symbolize support and healing, but also vengeful anger and resentment.

The third eye – the most popular eye tattoo design

small tattoo eye

Your third eye is associated with enlightenment, intuition, inner wisdom and clairvoyance. In the Hindu, Buddhist and Indian traditions, the third eye is depicted as a dot in the middle of the forehead. You do not need to make a star tattoo to explain the meaning of this symbol. Be creative and design your own eye tattoo and let your inner magnificence be a venue.

The protection eye

protection eye tattoo design

The protective eye is also called the eye of God. Often it is represented as a human eye in a triangle surrounded by sunbeams. The protective eye has a long association with Christianity. According to this religion, the mystical eye can point out that the charitable teaching of divine power exists.

Eye tattoo as a talisman against evil eyes

hamsa symbol eyes tattoo

For centuries, people have been wearing talismans to protect themselves from evil glances and associated mischief. Such tattoos might resemble the Turkish Nazar amulet – an eye made of blue-and-white concentric circles, but also representing the hand of the Fatim – an eye drawn in the palm of the hand. These symbols are meant to send the evil energy back to the one who sent it. Such tattoos mean security, patience, loyalty, faith and perseverance.

Other ideas for an eye tattoo

biceps tattoo dragon eye

In fact, an eye tattoo can be designed in different ways. Often, an animal is first selected that makes you feel particularly attracted by its characteristics, and then the eye of that animal is used as the basis for a tattoo design. Cats are a very popular choice. You could pick a native species. It is best to look at many different motives. This will stimulate your imagination and you will see how many design possibilities exist.
If you choose a design, do not be distracted by your purpose and focus, why you chose a tattoo, and what it’s all about. Only if you are confident and fully convinced of the concept, you will design a tattoo design that you like and, even more importantly, can live with. The eye tattoo should have a special meaning for you and help you to get ahead.
Here are some examples of eye tattoos:

pyramid eyes tattoo

breast tattoo eye symbol

eyes tattoo freemason motif

all-seeing eye arm tattoo

eyes tattoo back

eyes tattoo revealing truth

tattoo motif eye of providence

biomechanical eye tattoo design

colored eyes tattoo template

Cat's eye tattoo design

eyes tattoo design

eyes tattoo template

small finger tattoo eye design

attractive eyes tattoo design

big eyes tattoo mirror of the soul

illuminati symbol eyes tattoo

wrist eyes tattoo clock glass broken

eyes tattoo protection talisman

realistic eyes tattoo colorful colors

great eyes tattoo in the heart

eyes tattoo horus eye meaning

symbolic meaning eyes tattoo

Masonic sign eye tattoo

black white eyes tattoo template

eye tattoo abstract design

third eye tattoo

hamsa eyes tattoo thighs

Nazar blue eye tattoo

watercolor eye tattoo

eyes tattoo ideas

realistic eyes tattoo design

black white eyes tattoo nature trees

spider motif eyes tattoo

Horus eye orange color tattoo

big eyes tattoo red skull

eyes tattoo nazar talisman

animal eyes tattoo

tool design eyes tattoo

symbolic eye tattoo

the third eye tattoo

the eye of horus tattoo design

Horus eye tattoo wrist

eye of providence tattoo design

creative eyes tattoo ideas

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