Environmentally pleasant backyard ornament
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Environmentally pleasant backyard ornament

Do you like old fashioned cottage gardens? Is there a better way to present the imperfect antiques from the flea market than to integrate them into your garden landscape? The eco-friendly garden decoration is the perfect way to personalize your outdoor oasis and add character to your garden.

Individual eco-friendly garden decor

An old cupboard as a flowerpot

The backyard is an amazing place that can become your little magical place for nature enjoyment. Created from beautiful and interesting garden designs or a good landscaping, the ideas for eco-friendly garden decoration are distributed on imagination and ingenuity. There are charming examples of how you can add architectural salvage and vintage finds – recycled and reused – to your garden. With creative garden decorations and backyard designs, you can create unique installations, create vertical gardens or fence decorations, or turn your backyard into an art project using your own landscaping ideas.

The eco-friendly garden decoration as a work of art

eco-friendly chair decoration in the garden

Eco-friendly garden decoration is a great way to help nature while saving money. The most common way to do this is to make old-fashioned objects that no one uses from the household, extravagant and modern. So many of our everyday household items can play a different role in our gardens instead of just having a place in the dump. Whether you are creating unique garden art from old material or like to reuse old objects for practical purposes, there is a place for all these old items in the garden.

New chair made of old objects

To create eco-friendly garden decoration you just need creativity, patience and enthusiasm and you can enjoy your own garden decoration soon, make impressive art installations by creating functional plastic elements or draw something abstract yourself.

Homemade snail for the garden

Plastic snail for the garden
Here is a large collection of fun and creative DIY ideas to create eco-friendly garden decoration and turn the garden into one of the most important places in the house into a place where all family members would spend their free time with pleasure. Enjoy these ideas and do not forget to check them!

Umbrella in the garden as an eco-friendly garden decor

original flower pots for the garden

homemade minions in the garden

a mini garden in the garden

Empty bottles as flowerpots in the garden

environmentally friendly little pig deco

umewlt-friendly garden decoration for halloween

Decoration of glass and candle in the garden

a gaudi decoration from bottles

Extravagant garden with eco-friendly flowerpots

environmentally friendly garden decoration with old Gramofonpatten

environmentally friendly garden decoration from old bottles and flowers

empty bottles as flowerpots

make a little owl out of wood

environmentally friendly garden decoration without a little bird

Environmentally friendly garden decoration from a toy

a yellow office in the garden decoration

old bags with flowers in the garden

Rubber shoes as flowerpots in the garden

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