Envelope fold in 20 seconds: Three inventive DIY directions
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Envelope fold in 20 seconds: Three inventive DIY directions

Fold the envelope

According to research, almost 40% of Germans send Christmas cards for Christmas, and the percentage of cards donated to Valentine’s Day is much larger. Of course, to make a creative and personal card, you need a nice envelope. Whether from wrapping paper, fabric or with templates from the Internet, you can easily make an envelope. All you need are creative ideas and paper. Do we forget something? Of course – you should fold the envelope! How to do it, learn from our creative DIY instructions.

Why do we actually need an envelope?

Envelope fold DIY instructions

Gifts for the wedding, for Christmas … To give money has been the most popular gift in recent years. Second, we can arrange the coupons. But where to go with a voucher or cash .. simply donate it is by no means. They come right in an envelope. To give our gift a personal touch, we always buy colorful envelopes. But if we need envelopes in different sizes, then it is more uncomplicated and cheaper to make an envelope yourself. This is also perfect for Christmas cards or Valentine’s cards, if we want the envelope to be made with the same motifs as the card. In this case, choose a suitable paper, in the following lines we reveal the secret of how to fold the envelope.

Envelope fold – step by step instructions

All you need for this tutorial is just a sheet of paper. Origami paper is best, but wrapping paper also works well if you want a shiny effect. On a pusher can conjure up very quickly useful envelopes. Origami paper is mostly square and available in a variety of patterns and colors. The only thing you have to do is choose the color and in a few seconds you will receive your finished envelope in 30 seconds! Look here, how it works!

Step 1: Fold the paper in the middle

Place the paper in front of you on the table with a point pointing towards you. Fold this tip up to the opposite tip.

Step 2: Fold the bottom two edges

Step 3: The outer edges are now folded along the inside folded edges.

Step 4:

The result is a homemade origami envelope that allows each letter to be sent after a stamp has been affixed. There are many more ways you can fold an envelope, below are the other variations! Our team wishes you a lot of fun crafting!

Variant 2: fold origami envelope

Origami folding Envelope tinker

Variant 3: This DIY instruction is also perfect for folding napkins

Make an envelope

Decorate the envelope

Fold the envelope

Whether you use wrapping paper or construction paper for crafting, you have many options for decorating. You can paint the envelope yourself with colors of your choice. Below you will also find instructions on how to decorate your paper with watercolor technique. You can also make various paper figures, such as a heart shape or a Santa Claus. If your envelope is already finished, you can decorate it with a bow. Glitter, beads or small stones are perfect for any occasion. Scroll down to collect different creative ideas from our image gallery

Make an envelope out of fabric

Envelope fold from fabric

Envelope fold from fabric

Make an envelope for Valentine’s cards

Envelope fold Valentine's Day

Here are the DIY instructions for DIY

Birefoam fold in heart shape

Make an envelope for Christmas cards

Christmas egg envelope fold

Template for printing:

Fold envelopes for envelopes

Letter folding instructions

Origami Christmas envelope

Fold letter envelope

Envelope sizes

Origami Christmas - Envelope

Make watercolor envelope

 Make watercolor envelope

Fold origami envelope

Fold Envelope Diy DIY Gifts

Fold the envelope

Fold an envelope Make Valentine's Day

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