Energy begin to the day: 7 quinoa breakfast recipes
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Energy begin to the day: 7 quinoa breakfast recipes

Quinoa has become a superstar in the kitchen in recent years. The delicious Inka grain is used for pilaf, salads and noodles. But have you heard of quinoa breakfast? Why not! Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids and with the mineral wealth gives you a power start to the day. Give your organism our suggestions for 7 quinoa breakfast recipes!

Quinoa breakfast makes for a good mood

Quinoa breakfast coconut

Quinoa is a gluten-free, high protein, high fiber, fast-cooking whole grain with a nutritious flavor and a funny bang between the teeth when cooking. Since quinoa has a bitter-tasting natural coating, it is always a good idea to rinse it before cooking. Combine quinoa with sweet ingredients and fresh fruit and end up sprinkling coconut flakes – the lightest recipe to feel good! If you need more for breakfast, serve with an egg on the side.

Quinoa granola bar without sugar

Quinoa Breakfast Mussli Bar

  1. Fry the quinoa and oatmeal in a pan over medium heat until you feel the roasted aromas clearly in the nose
  2. Let cool and add to the cashews, almonds, coconut flakes, cranberries and flaxseed. Mix well. Put aside
  3. Heat in a pot of honey, maple syrup, water, salt, almond butter and coconut oil over medium heat until well blended
  4. Now mix the liquid with the dry ingredients well
  5. Then place the whole in a casserole dish lined with baking paper and spread with a wooden spoon and press well
  6. Bake for 30 minutes. Now let it cool completely (!) And then cut into equal sized granola bars

Mocha Latte Quinoa Breakfast

Quinoa Breakfast Moka Latte

In a medium size saucepan, bring 1 cup of quinoa, 1. 25 cups of coffee, 1. 5 cups of coconut water and ¼ cup of chocolate chips. Cook for about 20 minutes until the quinoa thickens and the liquid is almost gone. They can serve hot or cold. Add ¼ cup almond milk and at the end sprinkle with coconut flakes.

Refreshing: Quinoa with strawberries and orange juice

Quinoa breakfast strawberries orange juice

The color of this quinoa breakfast is breathtaking, the taste is even better! Quinoa is really a healthy start to the day, but this juicy version tastes sweet. You only need: 1 cup of quinoa, 2 cups of strawberries, 1½ cups of orange juice, a cup of water, agave syrup, orange peel, a pinch of salt and a pinch of ginger. Let all ingredients cook until the whole juice evaporates.

Quinoa vanilla avocado pudding

Quinoa Breakfast Avocado Vanilla Pudding

This pudding can not only be a power breakfast, but a snack or a refreshing dessert. If you do not have fresh vanilla bean, vanilla extract can also be quite rich. All you need is: 2 cups of quinoa, 2 cups of berries of your choice, 1 large avocado, seeds of vanilla bean, a pinch of sea salt ½ cup almond milk. Mix all the pudding ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add more almond milk. At the bottom of a glass or mug lay ¼ cup of cooked quinoa, about a ¼ cup of pudding, and then top with a ¼ cup of berries. Repeat the layers, then repeat the whole process in your three additional cups.

Good appetite! But that’s definitely not the end. You can experiment with many other ingredients, from nuts to different fruits – actually with everything you like. Discover our other examples of a delicious and healthy quinoa breakfast!

Quinoa breakfast chocolate

Quinoa breakfast avocado egg

Quinoa Breakfast DIY

Quinoa breakfast banana

Quinoa Breakfast Coriander

Quinoa breakfast biscuits

Quinoa breakfast recipes ideas

Quinoa breakfast plums

Quinoa breakfast pancakes

Quinoa Breakfast Papaya

Quinoa breakfast pudding

Quinoa Breakfast Lime Banana

Quinoa breakfast honey apple

Quinoa breakfast berries

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