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Elegant braiding hairstyles – directions and galvanizing concepts

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Braided hairstyles look playful, delicate and feminine, which is why they are popular with women of all ages. In this article, we show you which are the elegant braids that every woman should know. Below are a few simple instructions and beautiful ideas that are suitable for different hair lengths. Let yourself be inspired and try out the variants that you like the most!

Elegant braids to make yourself – French braid

braided hair French braid

Updos braided great ideas

braided braids french

Braided hairstyles Instructions Dutch braid

French braid Dutt great hairstyle

Hair braiding gorgeous updo farm wreath

Updated updos

braided hair wedding hairstyles

Braiding hairstyles instructions

braided beautiful hairstyles

Hair braiding inspirational ideas

Braided hairstyles failed

A classic braiding hairstyle suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear is the French braid. It’s a lot easier to do than it looks at first glance – follow our guide to make sure! First, take a large portion of the top hair and divide it into three strands. Begin to braid by placing the right strand over the middle, and then – the left over the middle one. Pick up a few hairs from the right side and add them to the right strand. Repeat the same process on the left side and continue to braid until you can not absorb any more hair. Then the braid is braided to the end as usual and fixed with a small hair tie. Already finished!

Playful braids for short and medium-long hair

Braided hairstyles short hair great ideas

braided hair side braid

Braid braids on the head short hairstyles

plaited braids on the side medium-length hair

Braids Instructions Half Braid

If you have short or medium length hair, you may be worried that you will not be able to try the hairstyles in this post because they are only suitable for very long hair. Here we try to convince you but exactly the opposite – with the exception of an absolute Kurzhaarfrisur there are beautiful braided hairstyles also for shoulder and chin hair. These are, for example, the so-called Half Braids, which look particularly romantic, and in which half of the hair is left open. You could, for example, braid side braids or fix the top coat in a long braid – the possibilities are many! Here are two variants of French Half Braid that you can try for yourself. The first option is to braid two strands of French from the front of the hair, and to fix it artfully at the back of the head. The other option is to make a French braid on the left or right side and to put it around the head like a wreath.

Semi-open braided hairstyles: Waterfall braid

Waterfall hairstyle curly hair

Wickerwork waterfall braid

Make waterfall braid yourself

Waterfall hairstyle romantic look

Waterfall Hairstyle Lace Bride

A gorgeous braiding hairstyle, which looks super romantic and playful and is suitable for both short, as well as for long and medium-long hair, is the waterfall braid. Pull one side parting and separate a small strand from the front part of the hair. Begin to braid a French plait – first put the right strand over the middle, then the left over the middle and add some hair to the top strand. Now you have reached the lower (left) strand – instead of adding extra hair, you should just put it down, and choose a new, equal strand below. Continue to weave it by repeating the same process – braid from the right side and put down the strands from the left and search for new “replacement strands”. If you have already reached the back of the head, fix the end of the braid with a small hair tie. Repeat the steps on the other side of the head, and finally tie the two strands at the back of the head with a transparent hair tie. Finished!

Braiding herringbone braid yourself – instructions

Braid braiding inspirational ideas

Updos braided herringbone braid

Braided hairstyles elegant herringbone braid

beautiful hairstyles herringbone

Braided hairstyles long hair herringbone braid

A classic and super elegant braiding is also the herringbone braid, and here we show you how it can be done very quickly and easily. Comb your hair well and pull a side parting. Divide all the hair into two equal batches. Start braiding by taking a thin strand of hair from the outside with your index finger on the right side and laying it on the other side. Repeat this process on the left side – take a small strand from the outside and put it over the right part of the hair. Tighten so that the braid does not become loose. The whole herringbone braid is actually braided in this way – the thinner strands you take, the finer it will look in the end!

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