Easy updos that you would be able to solely get in 5 minutes
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Easy updos that you would be able to solely get in 5 minutes

simple updos great ideas to make your own

Any woman with long or medium hair knows that updos are the best choice for hot summer days. But sometimes you just do not have the time to create intricate hairstyles, so in this post we offer a few styling ideas that can only be done in 5 minutes, and at the same time look pretty and elegant. We hope you enjoy our suggestions for simple updos!

Simple updos for every day

shoulder length hairstyles lateral bun

Updos Long Hair Chignon

Make hairstyles yourself Messy Bun

Confirmation hairstyles elegant Chignon

Updos Instructions Banana French Twist

simple updos bridal hairstyles long hair

Updos Wedding Side Dutt

When it comes to simple updos, the classic bun is perhaps the first thing you can think of. The chubby hairstyles are very diverse, and there are many different ways to style your hair, so that the hairstyle looks impressive and not boring. As a classic Dutt actually called the strict ballerina Dutt, in the middle of the head. You can either turn your hair into a bun and pin it with hairpins, or use a dutt pillow to give the hair a nice, regular shape. The Duttkissen will make your hairstyle voluminous – just perfect with thin hair! The ballerina bun could be a lot more interesting if you separate three strands from the top hair in advance and braid them into a thin braid. Then wrap this braid around the finished bun and attach the end with a hair clip. If you make the haircut for an official occasion, you could sprinkle it with some shine spray – so it will not only keep you better, but also look a lot more elegant!

Light Dutt hairstyles to make your own

Updos just classic bun

Updos braided French bun

long hair hairstyles pinned ideas and inspirations

Updos Dutt himself make instructions in pictures

Updos themselves make tutorials and inspiring ideas

simple updos deep bun

Bridal hairstyles long hair updos with curls

chic hairstyles Messy Bun

Hairstyles for long hair bride

Another elegant updo that you should definitely try is the French Dutt. Tie first a normal ponytail high up on the head. Make a braid out of it, and wrap it around the hair elastic so that it is no longer visible. Finally fix the hairstyle with hairpins and spray. A popular updo for leisure is the so-called Messy Bun. In order to get the modern, disheveled look, you should first tease your hair with the hairbrush a little – so they also get extra volume. Then tie a ponytail on top of the head and wrap it around the hair tie. Let a few strands hang out of the bun, and your beautiful casual hairstyle is already done! Another variant is the knot-shaped tail, in which the ponytail, which is tied to the head, is divided into two equal strands. From this, a knot is made and fixed with a few hairpins. Then you should lead the strands up and make another knot – the number of knots actually depends on the hair length. Finally, the hairstyle is fixed with hair spray and braces.

Simple updos braided

light hairstyles hairstyle wedding guest

Braided hairstyles Instructions for making your own with pictures Waterfall braid pinned up

simple updos braided

Braided hairstyles medium up

Hairstyles braided long hair pinned up

simple updos French braid

Updos easy and fast

The high-backed braids look particularly elegant and feminine, and are actually much easier to do, as it looks at first glance. Here we show you a beautiful updo with French plait, which you can make yourself with a little practice for less than 5 minutes! With the French braid, you should first remove three equal strands from the top coat. Begin to braid by placing the right strand over the middle, and then – the left over the middle one. Then pick up a few hairs from the right side and add them to the right strand. Repeat the same process on the left side. Braid the braid to the end in this way and fix it with a small hair tie. Finally, wrap the finished French braid into a loose bun and attach it with hairpins.

Simple updos with hairband

Communion hairstyles hairstyles semi-long hair

Updos medium length hair headband

Hairstyles medium length hair wedding

Updos 2016 ideas with hair band

Prom hairstyles with hairband

Hairstyles medium-length hair pinned hairband

With a hair band you can put your hair up very quickly and easily. You should simply put the hair band on the head, and wrap your hair around it! So that the hairstyle looks even more elegant, you could braid a side braid – a simple guide in pictures can be found above!

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