Dwelling within the loft: 35 inspirations for loft furnishings
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Dwelling within the loft: 35 inspirations for loft furnishings

Did you hear about loft living? I agree! These are these apartments, which are located in former industrial buildings and where only extravagant and old loft furniture. However, they are not old at all, but modern and contemporary, as this institution is a trend among stars. Due to the growing interest in loft apartments, loft today is not just about apartments, but furnishings and style. If you want to furnish your loft style apartment, you need inspiration. Let it surprise you and discover the magic of loft furniture!

Loft furniture = minimalism

Loft furniture furnishings

The loft furniture tends to be minimalist. Living in the loft means that generosity affects the residents. That’s why you do not use so much furniture. With fewer pieces of furniture, you retain the charm of a furniture store. The color scheme must be subtle and the design – simple. The brown and white are the focus. The rustic wooden furniture and the leather sofa can transform any apartment in a loft. In the living room, the XXL sofa with high backs must not be missing.

For the kitchen you choose loft furniture in industrial style

Loft furniture furnishings

You also need to set up the kitchen so that you feel that you have a typical loft. The kitchen is deliberately chosen in the industrial style. Of course it has to be in wood. Do not forget the typical loft standards. The high-gloss steel fronts also fit very well with a loft kitchen. Also incorporate a dining area with a large solid wooden table. Select wooden or metal chairs.

Setting up a loft: A wine rack is a unique idea

Loft furniture dining room

Set up a loft study: Design your own home office

Loft furniture study

The work table of old wood respects and shows professionalism and experience. That’s why the loft furniture is ideal for the study. If you have enough space, put the table in the middle of the room, if not, a cultivation table is also a nice variant. Choose furniture that creates an aristocratic ambience.

Instead of decorating, you create lofty moods with large shelves of books

Loft furniture ideas

Loft furniture living

Loft furniture bed

Loft furniture bed design

Loft furniture design

Loft furniture furnishing ideas

Loft furniture dining room idea

Loft furniture dining room idea

Loft furniture made of wood

Loft furniture idea

Loft furniture furnishings

Loft furniture for children's rooms

Loft furniture in the kitchen

Loft furniture kitchen design

Loft furniture features

Loft furniture idea

Loft leather furniture

Loft furniture minimalism

Loft furniture shelf

Loft furniture bedroom

Loft furniture bedroom facilities Loft furniture sofa

Loft furniture table

Loft furniture table design

Loft furniture table

Loft furniture living room

Loft furniture living space

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