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The modern living room design demands not only creative thinking, but also the observance of some simple rules.

The living room – center of the house

classic living room


impressive design of the living room


living room furniture

ideal living room design

modern living room with brown accents


Living room with original mirror

yellow accents living room design

Often the living room is determined as the center of the house. There the family members gather, guests are invited and parties organized. Therefore, this room should radiate style and comfort at the same time. This is not an easy task. Here you would find some practical tips and creative ideas for a successful living room design.

Characteristic “lived-in” atmosphere

beautiful living room design



Living room with wooden wall paneling and gray corner sofa

original living room furniture

In order to achieve the characteristic of the living room “lived-in” atmosphere, furniture, wall colors and decoration should harmonize with each other. Whether classic, modern or country-style – the living room design has a huge selection.

Features of modern living room design

Living room in white and brown

modern living room design

modern living room design

Living room with parquet floor

Wihnzimmer with large windows

wooden wall covering living room

The modern living room design is characterized by clear lines, interesting surfaces and original decoration. The furnishings most often include upholstered sofas, comfortable leather armchairs, elegant coffee tables and massive plywood or plastic chairs.

Important accents

Living room design original lamp

colorful living room couch

original painting living room

Living room design white and black

original painting living room design

Original lamps made of blacksmith steel, colorful cushions, interesting paintings and posters complete the cozy atmosphere. Geometric shapes and bright colors are also typical of the modern living room.

The effect of colors

Living room with purple accents

Living room design with orange accents

blue accents living room design

red accents living room furniture

green accents living room design

The wall color in the living room should not just be chosen according to your personal preferences. Because every color has a different effect on the atmosphere of the room. For example, red creates a sense of warmth, while blue tends to be soothing. As the color of the sun, yellow brings the light into the room. Green, on the other hand, harmonizes particularly well with wooden furniture.

Better gentle than bright colors

Bright living room

Living room in white and gray

bright and modern living room

The bright colors are not to be preferred, because they seem threatening. The soft pastel shades are the perfect choice for a small living room. You can create the visual effect for more freedom.

The role of the soil

Living room with soft carpet and gray sofa

Living room with original clock

Living room floor and wall cladding made of wood

Living room design brown wall paint

The floor also plays a major role in the successful design of the living room. In principle, its color should contrast with that of the walls. The flooring can be different – wood parquet, beautiful tiles or a soft carpet. The choice in this case depends on the personal preferences and the price.

Find the suitable decoration

Living room with turquoise blue accents

Living room with fireplace

decorative fireplace living room

Living room with fireplace

The good living room design is strongly associated with matching accessories and decoration. A fireplace, for example, can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the living room. But wood and a separate chimney are required. Today there are also decorative fireplaces that are cheaper and are powered by electricity or other Brennflüsigkeiten.

The beauty of the plants

Living room dark interior

Harmony with nature Living room design

natural colors living room design

The plants in the living room make it much more comfortable with their beauty. And not only that – they produce oxygen, and some even bind pollutants.

The meaning of the small details

Living room in white with big windows

modern living room design

Ideas for living room design

Living room with original bookshelves

By decoration and accessories you can change the living room design without much money. New curtains, wallpaper, rugs or colored pillows can create a very different atmosphere.

Illuminate the living room properly

Lighting in the living room

An important accent in the modern living room is the lighting. If the size is about 20 square meters, three or five lights are necessary. Popular are the halogen and energy-saving lamps, as well as the indirect LED lighting, which can create stunning lighting effects. The right light color for the living room is warm white. The modern table and floor lamps, which create flexible light, are also recommended.

Set up a special corner for yourself

Living room geometric motifs

Living room design original staircase

interesting ceiling living room design

Living room furniture parquet floor

To feel comfortable in your living room, you can set up a special corner. You can not communicate it with guests, but use it for relaxation. This zone can be separated from the other furniture. And which is the right device? A comfortable armchair, soft carpet, nice lamp and small coffee table ideal for this purpose.

The various functions of the living room

Living room with many features

Living room dining area and fireplace

Today’s modern living room also has other features. It is not only for relaxation, there are also guests received. That is why there is often a dining area in the living room.

Creative zoning in the living room

Glass doors for room separation

Zoning in the living room

The different zones in the living room can be divided not only spatially, but also by a high bar counter or walls made of plasterboard. Even more attractive are the decorative bamboo walls The long curtains between the individual living room areas create an exotic atmosphere.



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