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Dwelling kitchen fashionable and sensible – 40 nice inside design concepts

Kitchen-living perfectly shape helpful tips

The term “eat-in kitchen” actually means a room that unites the living room and the kitchen. This brings with it numerous advantages, so living-room-kitchen has recently become the absolute trend. Planning and setting up such a space is certainly not an easy task, so in this article we give you some useful tips to help you design the perfect living room. The photos below can also be used as a source of inspiration. Enjoy reading!

Open kitchens are very much in vogue today

Kitchen ideas open kitchen black white

Kitchens ideas modern open kitchen with parquet floor

beautiful kitchens open kitchen parquet floor floating stairs

Living ideas kitchen open modern white red accents

Kitchen ideas openly separated from the living room

open kitchen small apartment

Kitchen-cum-neutral color scheme

elegant kitchen in light gray

Kitchen / living room furnishing ideas wood and stainless steel

Eat-in kitchen modern furnishings comfortable sitting area

From a practical point of view, a kitchen is really beneficial – if you have a large living room, you can also design a kitchen island, and use the available space as meaningfully as possible. This will also give you the opportunity to organize nice parties – but the housewife does not have to be in the kitchen all the time, and the guests could even serve themselves. As a rule, the living room and the kitchen are the centers where the whole family gathers and spends time together. When these two spaces are combined, this area automatically becomes the heart of the house. As mentioned above, living rooms are difficult to design, because the furnishings in the whole room should look harmonious, without the living room and kitchen losing their individuality. That’s why in this post we present you some successful design solutions from which you can draw inspiration. Continue reading!

Compare the pros and cons

Kitchen floor plan open kitchen

open kitchen living room country style wood countertop

open kitchen with kitchen island

Furnishing ideas Kitchen modernly separated from the living room

open kitchens furnishing ideas

Kitchen-living ideas modern minimalist

open kitchen separate living room

open kitchen with living room golden pendant lights

Kitchen with counter open modern decor

Before you start planning an open kitchen, you should ask yourself if this is the right solution for you. For home kitchens also have some disadvantages that you can consider. These include, for example, the fact that the scents spread quickly throughout the room. This also applies to all types of kitchen noise – for example, from the work of the refrigerator, the mixer or the dishwasher, which can disturb your peace in the living room. If there are no dividing walls, the mess in the kitchen and the dirty dishes are visible to your guests. If you compare the pros and cons, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to set up the perfect open kitchen.

Planning the perfect eat-in kitchen – helpful tips

Kitchen-living-room design white puristic modern style

Kitchen open kitchen counter as a room divider

Cooking without stove open kitchen modern look

Kitchen carpet IKEA cream open kitchen modern minimalist

beautiful kitchen separated from the living room glass door

Floor plan kitchen open off the living room separated shelf

open kitchen living room modern industrial style

Eat-in kitchen country house style

Living room with kitchen white grass green

open kitchen ideas modern decor colored accents

When designing an open kitchen, the conditions of the room are decisive. Can the necessary connections for electricity, water and gas be installed in the right places? For this it is recommended to consult with an architect. Of great importance is also the harmonious, consistent room concept. If the living room is furnished in a rustic style, and the kitchen – in the modern, the result will not look so nice. Decide on a uniform style of furnishing, but keep the individuality of the kitchen and the living room. This can only be achieved through clear separation and order. To the border between the two areas can serve a kitchen island, which also provides for more flexibility in the kitchen.

Organize the kitchen area properly

Eat-in kitchen modern country style

open kitchen with counter white minimalist

modern kitchen living room marble floor

Bar counter kitchen open modern and practical

Living room with open kitchen copper pendant lights

U kitchen with counter turkish blue cream

American country kitchen open apple green white

Living room with open kitchen white ceiling lighting

open kitchen with cooking island

Kitchen with cooking island floor plan

Of great importance is the right organization in the kitchen. Kitchens are one or two sides open to the living room, and may have a U, L or G shape. So that you can work unrestrained there, the close arrangement of refrigerator, stove and sink is particularly important – in this sense one often speaks of a “magic triangle”. The essential kitchen utensils such as cooking spoons, pots and knives should also be in the immediate vicinity. In principle, the kitchen should be organized in a way that will save you unnecessary ways. To solve the unpleasant problem with the food scents, which also get into the living room, pay attention to strong extractor hoods. If you have an open kitchen, it is also worth investing in quiet appliances – for example, a refrigerator or a dishwasher. And a modern kitchen island with bar can perfectly cover the chas in the kitchen.

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