Dressing the chimney is a matter of style: disguise your self!
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Dressing the chimney is a matter of style: disguise your self!

Dress the chimney: cladding with slate!

Chimneys beautify the house facades. But they also contribute to the fact that flue gases are discharged to the outside. A roof without a chimney is therefore hardly thinkable. The chimney of your house is not beautiful anymore? Or is he already too old? Then you urgently need a new chimney lining! If you want to dress up the chimney, there are several options available. With plaster, with roof tiles, with slate or Stülpverkleidung? A question of taste! Dress the chimney yourself? Why not? But before you decide on a chimney lining, you should pay attention to important facts. You should consider the planning, the material, the necessary tools and costs! Here are a few good variants and tips for the desired cladding!

Dressing the chimney is a matter of taste!

Dress the chimney: cladding with natural stone

When is the chimney paneling a must? Chimney cowling may be necessary for a variety of reasons.

Annoying moisture is the most important. To ensure that the chimney is properly protected against frost damage and damage is avoided, it should be dressed up prematurely.

Aesthetic reasons should not be underestimated. Thanks to a matching cladding of the chimney he gives the facade a nice look.

Time also plays a role here. Old chimneys need new cladding, so they could shine in a whole new splendor.

Dress the chimney: why?

How can you disguise the chimney?

You still do not know exactly which disguise is the best for your house? Then put on slate paneling!

Chimney cladding with slate: this is how it works!

The classic variant among the types of metal is slate. Slate protects and ventilates the chimney. It fits any roofing and can be adapted to all sizes. Laying out a chimney is easy to do. A slate cladding can be easily adjusted. That is why slate is very popular with homeowners. The shifting of the chimney seems to be visually appealing and weatherproof. You can buy natural slate on the market for 0.10 Euro / piece surcharge. A cheap option, right?

You need: roof battens or OSB panel; screws; plugs; Slates. You need the following tools: Drill; Screwdrivers or cordless screwdrivers; Slate hammer.

Disguise the chimney with slate!

Dressing the chimney: cladding with slate

Here are the instructions:

Drill holes: Drill holes in the chimney! Fix the OSB panel to the corners with four screws! Fix battens with two screws!

Use dowels made of metal! Special dowels withstand strong weather conditions and the strong wind.

Fasten slates! Screwing makes safer and more durable! Two to five centimeters overlapping, row up row by row!

When routing, it is recommended that you start at the lower base of the chimney head.

How can you dress the chimney yourself?

Chimney cladding: classic ider modern chimney dressing

Disguise ensures beauty and protection!

Classic chimney with slate cladding

Find more suitable solutions in the gallery! Take a look at the following suggestions to make the chimney a real eye-catcher on the roof!

Dress the chimney yourself!

Smooth out the chimney: cover the chimney with slate

How can you dress up the chimney yourself?

Laying out a chimney is easy to do

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Dressing the chimney: beauty and protection through disguise

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