Dream baths and helpful concepts for a pleasant lavatory design
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Dream baths and helpful concepts for a pleasant lavatory design

Dream baths are not impossible to design – just follow a few simple rules.

Dream baths are not a fantasy

modern bathroom design

Furnishing of the bathroom

Mosaic tiles bathroom design

In each apartment, the bathroom is the most expensive room to renovate. Its setup is not an easy task either. But if you want to have the bath of your dreams, you can use the following ideas as inspiration.

Dream baths are characterized by interesting shiny surfaces and materials such as stainless steel, glass, chrome and brass. The wall paint is most commonly white or cream. For the modern bathroom design also the angular and geometric shapes are characteristic.

The importance of the flooring Rubber as a floor covering

Linoleum as a floor covering

Bathroom design rubber as a floor covering

Vinyl as a floor covering

When it comes to modern bathroom design, the flooring is of great importance. He is said to meet several demands, because he is exposed daily to great moisture. Normally, the flooring is made of tiles, but there are other materials that are suitable for this purpose. Floor made of vinyl, linoleum or rubber is a stylish and also cheaper solution when it comes to bathroom design.

Creative wall design with mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles in the green

Bathroom design blue mosaic tiles

blue mosaic tiles

green mosaic tiles modern bathroom design

blue mosaic tiles

Bathroom design mosaic tiles as a work of art

creative wall design with mosaic tiles

For a creative wall design in the bathroom, mosaic tiles are just perfect. This can set accents – for example, only emphasize the wall in the shower area, or even create whole works of art. Mosaic tiles can also be laid on the floor. However, it is recommended that you do not choose a colorful decor to maintain the balance of colors.

The role of lighting

Bath with indirect LED lighting

Lighting bathroom

interesting lighting effects LED lighting

An important accent in the bathroom is also the lighting. Today, indirect LED lighting is particularly popular in the field of bathroom design. It can create stunning lighting effects and balance the bathroom with a unique atmosphere.

Select the right furniture

Furniture made of bamboo bathroom

Washbasin made of bamboo dream baths

Dream bath furniture made of bamboo bathroom furniture

Dream Bathrooms Bathroom Design Bamboo furniture

If you want to furnish your bathroom in style, choose bamboo furniture. Not only are they modern and elegant, they are also really high quality because they have natural resistance to moisture. Like almost all types of wood, bamboo can darken over time, but that’s not a problem. Bamboo bathroom furniture is easy to care for – it only needs to be cleaned once a month with wood polish. Also as a wall cladding, this material is particularly easy to use.

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