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Dragonfly tattoo – symbolic which means and authentic concepts

The dragonflies are undoubtedly among the most beautiful insects – they are delicate, mystical and have a special charm. This is what makes the dragonfly tatoo really attractive and popular with women and girls. In this article you will learn more about dragonfly tattoo and their meanings in different cultures. And the pictures can serve as inspiration, if you also want to tattoo. Enjoy reading!

The dragonfly as a symbol in different cultures

Dragonfly tattoo back

elegant dragonfly tattoo arm

little dragonfly tattoo on the wrist

Tattoo dragonfly colored

original tattoo motif dragonfly tattoo

Tattoo on the foot dragonfly

Tattoo on the shoulder

Dragonfly and flowers interesting tattoo

Tattoo dragonfly and flowers

original dragonfly tattoo colorful

The delicate dragonflies, flying over the water surface, have been inspiring people for centuries. These beautiful insects belong to the Odonata family. According to a legend, the dragonflies have a mythical origin because they are descended from dragons. They have a special place in Asian cultures – in Japan, for example, the dragonfly symbolizes strength, courage, happiness and prosperity. But it is also a common symbol in other cultures as well – the Indian tribes, for example, associate them with agility, speed but also transience and impermanence.

Dragonfly Tattoo – meanings

Dragonfly tattoo wrist

Dragonfly tattoo scaler

elegant dragonfly tattoo on the neck

Dragonfly colored tattoo

original tattoo motif dragonfly

The meaning of the dragonfly tattoo can vary – depending on the specific person and of course the type of tattoo. Mostly such a tattoo stands for elegance, freedom, purity, harmony, luck or prosperity. Interestingly, the dragonflies are often regarded as mediators between the earthly and the spiritual world. Since they are connected to the water, they are often also considered emblems of our “emotional currents”, deepest thoughts and dreams. Therefore, such a tattoo can also stand for the fact that one wants to live or live according to his “inner voice”.

Dragonfly Tattoo: What’s trendy today?

Dragonfly tattoo hand

stylized dragonfly tattoo

Dragonfly tattoo ideas and inspirations

Dragonfly tattoo original

stylized dragonfly elegant tattoo

Dragonfly tattoos always look very delicate and elegant, so they are, as mentioned above, popular with women and girls. A dragonfly tattoo can also be combined with other motifs, depending on your personal preferences – stylized flowers, butterflies, etc. The small tattoos on the shoulder, wrist or foot are today particularly modern, because they look really delicate and stylish.

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