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Do-it-yourself items – one of the best concepts for Christmas

homemade gifts Christmas creative ideas

Christmas is coming soon and of course you should also select and buy gifts for your favorite people. In this article we offer a much more creative idea, namely to make it yourself! Homemade gifts are actually much more personal and are a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude. Plus, the ideas you’ll find below are also cheaper and easy to duplicate – just perfect if you do not have enough time to find the right gift. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and wish you a lot of fun crafting and a Merry Christmas!

Personalize homemade gifts

Customize homemade gifts Paint your own cups

homemade gifts Paint and decorate Christmas cups

homemade gifts Mugs painted Christmas

homemade gifts cups paint instructions

If you have the desire to personalize the gift, we have a wonderful proposal for you – to paint cups! For this you need white coffee cups without ornaments, porcelain paints from the craft shop, as well as some ethanol from the pharmacy. First, you should clean the cup very well and let it dry out. Then you can start painting – write a loving message on the cup or decorate it with the first letter of the name of the person you want to give it to. You could also help with a template that you cut out of paper. The mistakes made can be easily removed with a little ethanol. When you’re done painting, you should put the cups in the microwave for a few hours to make the color permanent – follow the packaging instructions for the porcelain markers.

Homemade gifts – decorate vases, peel and glass containers

homemade gifts decorating Christmas glass vases

homemade gifts creative DIY ideas vases decorating

homemade gifts Christmas glass vase decorate

homemade gifts decorating Christmas glass bowl

homemade gifts decorate Christmas flashe

With the porcelain paints or even with furniture color in any tone you can easily decorate vases, bowls and all kinds of glass containers. To paint straight borders, stick the selected item in advance with a little tape. You get a great Spirlenmuster by the vase / shell with the tape spiralformig paste and paint over it. After the paint has dried out, simply pull off the tape and you’re done! Look at the photos above – they would give you a better idea.

Homemade Gifts – Last Minute Ideas

homemade gifts Christmas knit XXL scarf

Homemade gifts knit great XXL blanket

A cuddly soft scarf is undoubtedly a wonderful gift in the cold winter days – for both men and women. It may seem difficult and time-consuming to knit a scarf – especially if you have no experience with it. Here we offer you a great idea for last minute gift, namely to make XXL scarf itself. You really do not need anything more than wool as thick as possible. The scarf is simply knitted with your hands (just like you are braiding a braid), and will finish very quickly – try the idea to convince yourself! And since the XXL-sized Strik products are especially popular in winter, you could similarly make an attractive, soft blanket yourself.

Homemade gifts for children

homemade gifts Christmas kids DIY ideas

Homemade gifts to pack sweets in glass

homemade gifts Christmas chocolates recipe

homemade gifts for Christmas chocolates

Friends or colleagues have invited you to a festive Christmas dinner, but you have prepared nothing for your children? Do not panic! Here we give you a great idea to get out of the situation. All kids love edible gifts, so you could just lovingly wrap sweets in a jam jar. And if you have a little more time, we offer you to make tasty chocolate pralines yourself. For 65 pieces you need about 250g dark chocolate, 125g coconut fat and ¼ cup powdered sugar. The ingredients should simply be melted in a water bath, then pour the liquid mixture into ice cube molds and put the chocolates in the refrigerator until they harden.

Make gemstone soaps yourself

homemade gifts Christmas gemstones

homemade gifts Christmas gemstones instructions

homemade gifts Christmas DIY gemstones

homemade gifts for Christmas great gemstone soaps

The homemade gemstone soap is a very pretty gift idea. All you need is 4-5 colored, most transparent glycerine soap bars, chopping board and very sharp knife. It’s a good idea to halve or quarter the soap bars and shape them with the knife like jewels – the best way to do that is to angle the corners and cut the sides at different angles.

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