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DIY polymer clay figures – directions for newcomers

As polymer clay is called a certain kind of polymeric modeling clay, which is particularly easy to work. This soft modeling clay can be found on the market in many color variations, and you can actually work it out – interesting figures, dolls, original decorations or even jewelry. Below are simple instructions and creative ideas for polymer clay figures and other great decorations from this easy-to-mold crafting material that can beautify your home. Have fun crafting!

Crafting with polymer clay – creative leisure activity

Make figures out of modeling clay yourself

DIY with fimo creative ideas

DIY creative ideas

Polymer clay processing

Make figures out of modeling clay yourself

Fimo creative ideas DIY

Modeling with polymer clay is not only fun for the kids. With this crafting material you can realize many creative ideas, and the best thing is that you do not need special tools or knowledge for this. Fimo can be bought today in almost every hobby shop, and for its processing is suitable much from the household – different sized knives, forms for biscuits, glass bottle for rolling out, glasses and cups for cutting and all kinds of objects with interesting structure to motives on to produce a surface of plasticine.

Make polymer clay figures – step by step

Tinker with polymer clay materials

edit the modeling clay

Polymer clay white

Craft polymer clay figures yourself

Polymer clay dolls

Bake the finished figures

Craft polymer clay figures yourself

Make polymer clay dolls yourself

Make fimo figures yourself

The polymer clay mass works best when kneaded and warm. If you want to make polymer clay figures, for example a small doll, you first have to use enough clay in your hand – depending on the size of the doll. Then make two little balls – a longer one for the body and a medium one for the head. The next step is to design the hairstyle of the doll, for which you can use a sharp knife. After that, only the finished polymer clay figures in the kitchen oven to bake. Set it to 130 degrees Celsius, and when the temperature is reached, leave the dolls on baking paper for about 30 minutes.

Fanciful figures made of modeling clay

Make an owl out of modeling clay

Fimo funny owls

Cat polymer clay figures

Fimo books

Polymer clay decoration

Star polymer clay decoration

funny dolls

Penguins crafting ideas DIY

Craft polymer clay figures yourself

Figures made of modeling clay

Perhaps you are already convinced that modeling with polymer clay is not at all difficult. If you have used monochrome white modeling clay, you can paint the baked polymer clay figures with acrylic paint faces and customize their clothing. Let your imagination run wild!

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