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Distinctive industrial furnishings

industrial furniture seat-table steel

With a mix of exposed steel and rustic wood for their ability to achieve aesthetic balance, industrial furniture and industrial furnishings are one of my favorite designs. It is both organic and constructed, bold and refined, male and female. In this comprehensive article, I will show you how to design an industrial style with inspirational ideas and specific advice at home.
Our main store also manages an updated collection of industrial furniture as well as the finest rustic-chic decors. It will be a helpful resource for informing you, collecting ideas or shopping for certain pieces.

Beautiful industrial furniture ideas

industrial furniture

Before you start with your interior design project, it is important to get inspiration for your future space. As a supporter of the idea of ​​breaking the conventional rules and blending different design schools, you will find that, although the following examples are undeniably industrially-modern, the elements that have been or are popular since the mid-century who introduced the Bohostil into the overall design. If you happen to be looking for furniture stores in New York City to order new items, you’ll need to check the Restoration Hardware Store on 935 Broadway – they’ll be in style industrial-modern design. Visit the, if only a few ideas to get.

Note that the following examples radiate quite clearly in degrees rustic and clean aesthetics. Depending on your preference, industrial decor can be mistaken on the side of contemporary chic or rugged steampunk.

Choose rustic colors

industrial furniture Decor Ideas

Choosing the right color palette is important because it establishes the foundation of your interior design. From the carpet and the furniture, the lighting and the accents, all your pieces will depend on your color settings.
If your house has brick walls (painted or unpainted), cement or wood flooring, then you’re done half way through. Rustic color schemes, usually, have a lot of brown and beige. Keep in mind that your sofa, chairs and tables are likely to be made of leather and raw wood so you will naturally have lots of brown or burnt orange. This gives you many opportunities to use accent colors for your rug and other decors.

Industrial Design – a very popular style

industrial furniture
Industrial furniture basically consists of raw, untreated wood. Whether it’s the coffee table, dining table or side table, at least one wooden table is a must-have to reach a true industrial decor. Although the table can be built from all kinds of wood, it can also have exposed steel legs.
A new trend that is gaining in popularity is the use of reinforced concrete. Personally, I think it looks great. Many of our customers who have had concrete tables have had noticeable results.
Industrial sofas and chairs often have leather polish. Although the materials are similar, the style of the leather furniture can be quite different. You can opt for a more modern low-profile sofa or a traditional Chesterfield sofa. Check out the collection of rustic living room furniture for a better selection of suitable sofas, armchair-free chairs and lounge chairs.
If you somehow do not like leather, linen-upholstered sofas and chairs are also a great option. If you prefer this look, you will almost always choose a design that is more classic and traditional (think tufted seats lined with steel nail heads).

Stylish handmade rugs bring color to the room

industrial furniture Industrial style

When it comes to the carpet options, the industrial decor is more limited in ideas. Try to avoid carpets that have too vibrant and chic colors (abstract art), but also those that tend to different geometrical patterns (rafters or grids).
Instead, I would recommend something that is either hidden or, as a rule, dark (gray, crimson, burnt orange, or blue). Consider a distressed oriental rug (or other traditional / ethnic-style rug like Tex Mex), textured solid rug, or a woven jute rug. As recommended in a previous post on living room decorating ideas, carpets should be layered for a dynamic effect.

Industrial chick through accents and contrast

industrial furniture

You have more flexibility when it comes to your decor element selection. For pillows, throws and puffs, get something that shows off its leather or fabric structure.

Industrial lamps are nostalgic

industrial furniture

industrial furniture bar table

Unique beauty made of metal

industrial furniture side table

industrial furniture

Accents in industrial style

industrial furniture

Industrial furniture for a chic kitchen

industrial furniture

Industrial Licher are a work of art

industrial furniture

industrial furniture couch table

industrial furniture Coffee table waste wood

industrial furniture euro style home bedroom

industrial furniture furniture vintage nightstand

industrial furniture furnlab furniture industrial

industrial furniture greenwich

industrial furniture ideas for living room

industrial furniture Industrial Decor

industrial furniture Industrial Decor

industrial furniture Industrial Decor living room

industrial furniture

industrial furniture Light

industrial furniture Industrial Lighting

industrial furniture industrial locker cabinet from strafor

industrial furniture industrial loft apartments

industrial furniture industrial office furniture

industrial furniture industry design

industrial furniture lights

industrial furniture loft life

industrial furniture main white benjamin shades

industrial furniture metal feet

industrial furniture miavilla

industrial furniture modern tables

industrial furniture

Industrial furniture

industrial furniture Rustic Rug

industrial furniture Rustic carpet

industrial furniture

industrial furniture

industrial furniture sofa

industrial furniture industrial furniture

industrial furniture table

industrial furniture

industrial furniture table retro

industrial furniture Vintage Style

industrial furniture

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