Disguise your balcony: 27 concepts for Balkonumrandung
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Disguise your balcony: 27 concepts for Balkonumrandung

The balcony is this place of your home, where you can dream in peace and enjoy the sun undisturbed. Disguise your balcony and protect it from the prying eyes. The balcony border is not necessarily boring. With our colorful ideas, the privacy screen will bring even more good mood and you will feel at home in the open air.

The perfect balcony surround brings more than privacy – a charming look and functionality

Balcony border design

The balcony border can really make more privacy for you, but that’s not all. It must protect from wind, rain and sun and of course bring a romantic touch. There are many types of inexpensive balcony covering that can replace the furnished metal and glass balconies. It can also be a perfect solution for tenants. The colored fabric will beautify your balcony and bamboo will bring nature to your patio. Which material you choose exactly depends on your taste.

Colorful mood: Dress up your balcony classically with fabric

Balcony border Orange fabric

Balcony border green fabric

Balcony border Small terrace

Balcony border colored

Balcony surround privacy screen

The right trim is with colors. The balcony border made of fabric combines the beautiful appearance with functionality. Easy installation, washability and creativity are only a small part of the benefits of this material. For a romantic well-being you can choose fabric with flowers or birds. The stripes go very well with small terraces. And when they are colored in contrasting powerful colors, every day becomes sunny for you. Also create a vintage look of your balcony with linen fabric. If you think about color scheme, note the balcony orientation. You choose the white fabrics for a north or west balcony. If you miss the sun, dark blue or brown are the colors for you.

Acrylic glass – the practical and modern solution for your balcony border

balcony umrandung-arcyglas

Balcony border plexiglass

Balcony border Metal

Acrylic or Plexiglas are not only a decorative idea, but protect the best from the wind and water. If you choose acrylic sheets for your balcony, you will not lose the view. The manufacturers offer modern design with refractive structures or elegant dark surfaces. There is also the possibility to decorate the acrylic sheets themselves or combine two variants. A good mood can bring the acrylic glass in bright colors.

Bring the outdoors on your balcony with privacy from pasture

Balcony border fence pasture

Balcony border windbreak

Balcony surround paneling

Balcony border of willow

If you want to get nature on the balcony, choose the natural mats as a balcony border. Bamboo, willow, reed or cattle strips can be used as privacy screens on the balcony. There are a number of texture and colors – from Asian to rustic. Combined with balcony plants and matching decoration, you can transform your privacy into an oasis. With pasture you can not cover the entire balcony railing, but only provide privacy in the corners.

Wood keeps your eyes off the balcony best

Balcony border made of wood

Balcony border wood screen

Balcony border wood covering

Balcony border wood terrain

Balcony border wood screen

Some people will say that the balcony border made of wood has become somewhat out of fashion. However, there is no more stable screen of wooden terrain. If you dream of a balcony in country house style, the best solution is – wood. Do not forget that it is eternal. But if you want to meet vintage with modern, use bamboo. It’s so fitting for a fence, as well as for a privacy screen. And it is environmentally friendly!

Go back to your balcony, let the sun shine on your skin and think in peace which is the best option for your Balkonumrandung. And do not forget to wave your neighbor from the balcony for the last time. Because our privacy screens can help you so well, because you’ll have the idea that you’re in a remote location. Let yourself be inspired!

Balcony border fabric

Balcony border orange

Balcony border lattice fence

Balcony border gray

Balcony border grass

Balcony border wood

Balcony border ideas

Balcony border ideas

Balcony border design

Balcony border Creative ideas

Balcony border print

Balcony border Print Design

Balcony surround sun protection

Balcony border fabric

Balcony border fabric

Balcony border side protection

Balcony border fabric type

Balcony border fabric color

Balcony border partial protection

Balcony border made of wood

Balcony border acrylic glass

Balcony border types

Balcony border made of wood

Balcony border covering

Balcony border made of glass

Balcony border grass imitation

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