Designer work piece with soul to mimic for each house
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Designer work piece with soul to mimic for each house

Lounge Chair - seating comfort for DIY

Do you want to design a workpiece yourself that can not be found in any shop? It is probably possible! With a bit of passion and craftsmanship, this is possible because “creativity takes courage”. Creating something with your own two hands brings a sense of contentment that is hard to describe. A great, unusual project by Hornbach offers everyone the possibility of designers to imitate workpieces with a simple construction manual. The “workpiece edition” project offers you a product with instructions and description of all materials, so that you get the same result as in the picture. If you take some time and feel like it, it works guaranteed smoothly.

Designer workpiece to imitate – “The secret of skill lies in the will”

The book on building leads to the Lounge Chair

The start of the “Workpiece Edition” campaign at Hornbach makes Sigurt Larsen – a Danish interior designer who lives and works in Berlin. He designs a lounge chair made of laminated wood elements and fabric straps. This chair is not available to buy, but you have to build it yourself. For this purpose, a compact offer in the form of a book with the construction manual and description of the required materials and tools was prepared, which can be purchased with all components at Hornbach. Special tools are not needed and all components are available from Hornbach. So you can quickly come to implementation. The “Building Book” with the illustrated step-by-step instructions gives you a genuine metal badge that can be applied as a trademark.

Special seating comfort self-built

Workpiece for a better seating comfort

The Lounge Chair is lower and more comfortable than a regular chair. As simple as he looks, he fulfills all the demands of the art of design. There are studies on what angles, heights and lengths are best for comfortable sitting that the designer has considered. The diagonal braiding and covering of the fabric strap ensures an ergonomically correct sitting position and a soft landing of the body on the chair. The blue stripes form a beautiful, sophisticated pattern when weaving the fabric belt. This is how the simple furniture belt transforms into a design element that attracts attention.

Designer furniture for every home

Designer furniture for every home

Hornbach hammer from Hammerbach was a real hit on the market in 2013. The online sale was excellent. The hammer was made in a limited edition of 7,000 pieces from a tank and sold out immediately after publication. Each hammer piece was marked with its own serial number and thus each is a unique piece from the production series. Meanwhile, the highly coveted product has a collector’s value and can only be found as a collector’s item. At that time, the successful initiative was also home and Hornbach. Behind the successful project was twelve months of work, which led to an excellent result. Whether the “workpiece edition” leads back to the Victory Square and the creative initiative succeeds again this time? We keep our fingers crossed that the project continues to develop successfully and each of us can enjoy a home-made designer work piece in our own home.

The project development …

The project development sponsored content

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