Design Nespresso jewellery from capsules your self
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Design Nespresso jewellery from capsules your self

Do you like to drink Nespresso capsules coffee every day at home? Beautiful! They taste good and have a high quality. But it is not necessary to throw away the capsules after use. You are welcome to design creative Nespresso jewelery yourself, which are characterized by originality. We have some tips and tricks for you!

Nespresso jewelry in different variants
nespresso jewelry interesting

nespresso jewelry imaginative

nespresso jewelry colorful

nespresso jewelry plain

nespresso jewelry blue

nespresso jewelry blue

nespresso ornaments different

nespresso jewelry purple

nespresso jewelry gold

nespresso jewelry interesting
nespresso jewelry weird

nespresso jewelry colorful

nespresso ornate orange

nespresso jewelry original

nespresso jewelry unique

nespresso jewelry modern

You can make Nespresso jewelry in various forms – necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This activity combines creativity and fun and is suitable for children and adults.

Nespresso jewelry – instructions nespresso jewelry instructions

preparation nespresso jewelry creative

Collect some used capsules in different colors. It is best to pull the heavily perforated floor along the edge with a small vegetable knife. Then clean the coffee from. Then wash out the empty capsules and dry them. A tip: Many, heavily soiled capsules can also be washed in the washing machine.

Tools that you need sent nespresso jewelry

  1. scissors
  2. strong sewing needle for piercing the trailer
  3. Round tongs for shaping the ornaments
  4. pliers
  5. Crimping pliers for squeezing the wire
  6. ev. round nose pliers or telephone pliers
  7. Diagonal cutter for cutting the wire

Squeezing the capsules

nespresso jewelry exciting

nespresso jewelry failed

To squeeze the capsules is best used a rubber mallet. To create a nice surface, you can also use a meat mallet or a wooden pestle with a profile. If you take a little more time, the beautiful structure and results.

ornament Nespresso ornament decorated

You will need 4 capsules for Nespresso earrings because two are always glued together to form a pendant. Rings can be made from just one capsule. They must either be adapted to the shape of the finger, or the flat capsule adorned and stick on a prefabricated ring blank. Blanks can also be made of wire itself – if you take the wire twice and leave it open on one side, you can adjust the ring to any finger strength. When decorating the newly created artwork, you can give your imagination free rein – small or large stones, pearls and much more.

For sticking

You can use hot or jewelry glue. A disadvantage of the jewelry glue is that it takes about 24 hours until it pulls the jewelry properly.

We are already finished with our little instructions and tips and hope you enjoy the Nespresso jewelry design!

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