Deliver the summer time into the home with room palm tree: Species and care
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Deliver the summer time into the home with room palm tree: Species and care

Summer, palm trees and beach – who does not dream of it? What do you say when you can have it all in your house? A palm tree can bring home a summery flair. But the palms love warm and open areas. With our care tips and info about the species, you can choose the most suitable room palm for your home and give it love and attention. Be inspired by the selection of our picture gallery!

What you need to know before you buy a palm tree

Palm tree species

With the room palm kinds one differentiates “real palm trees” and palm-like plants “. Not all indoor plants that look like palm trees are actually palm trees. The species look better below. The most important factor before buying is deciding where to stand the palm. Every palm species has a light and climate requirement. The tropical palms love warm and humid, and the dwarf palm trees prefer at least 3 hours of pure sunlight. It is recommended to put your palm in a room with high humidity. If you do not have such a room, sprinkle the palm with water daily or put on a humidifier.

The most popular room palm: the bamboo

Palm tree bamboo

The room bamboo in an exotic plant that needs easy care and once you find the right location, you can really enjoy the tropical touch of this palm in your home for a long time. Choose a bright room with a moderate temperature for your bamboo. In winter, the palm must also get enough light. This does not mean that the bamboo must be placed in direct sunlight. Do not forget about sufficient watering. It is recommended that you keep your room bamboo in a water reservoir.

The Bismarck palm is growing slowly and is perfect for interior design

Palm tree Bismarck palm

The Bismarck Palm owes its name to the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. This plant needs a sunny spot in summer. She can stand indoors or outdoors, it is important that she gets enough sun. In winter, the Bismarck palm should be placed in a bright location at temperatures around 15 ° C. The Bismarck palm needs a lot of water. Do not cut the palm, it only has one growing point.

The Steckenpalme needs little care and is suitable for bright and shady places

Palm palmtree

Zimmerpalme Art

Zimmerpalme care
Zimmerpalme bamboo species

Palm tree bamboo in cows

Palm tree bamboo wall

Palm tree

Palm tree Cycas Revoluta

Zimmerpalme decoration in living room

Room Palm Deco Art

Palm tree bamboo palm tree

Palm tree living room
Zimmerpalme interior design

Palm in hallway

Zimmerpalme ideas

Zimmerpalme interior design

Zimmerpalme interior design

Small palm tree

Palm tree bedroom

Palmetto tropic touch

Palm tree living room

Zimmerpalme interior design

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