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Cushion cowl stitching: detailed directions and nice design concepts

DIY pillowcase design ideas

Do you like to do your free time and enjoy turning creative ideas into reality? In this article we will show you how to sew pillowcases step by step! Below you will find a free and super easy manual that is also suitable for beginners. The photos could also serve as a source of inspiration for colorful patterns and impressive embellishments to make your self-sewn pillow cases truly unique. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Cushion cover sewing – creative idea for your leisure

Sew on DIY pillow cover

Cushion cover saw instructions and great design ideas

Pillow sewing instructions

Pillowcase 50x50

Design your own cushion

Cushion covers 40x40

Sofa Cushion Large Hotel Closure

Cushion cover 60x60 DIY ideas

Make your own pillow colorful

You can sew pillowcases much easier than you might think. The most important thing you need is a good sewing instruction and your own imagination! Here we show you how to make a pretty cushion cover with a simple hotel closure itself. As an interesting accent you can sew a circle on shavings in their midst, but if you do not like this idea or you want to make your job easier, you should refrain from doing so. Actually, the choice of fabrics and patterns is a matter of taste, and you do not have to follow our instructions exactly. In each fabric store you can find different types of fabrics and designs, and you could choose the one that suits your personal preferences best. If you want to be more individual, you also have other options – for example to transfer your favorite motif in a copy shop to textile film that is pressed onto the cushion cover, or to use flock film and to iron it on the fabric. But regardless of what you choose, it is definitely worth sewing pillow cases yourself. The colorful decorative cushions bring comfort to any room, and are also a wonderful gift idea for various occasions. We hope you like our guide! Have fun reworking!

Design cushions yourself – necessary materials

Cushion cover sew sewing machine

Cushion sew hotel closure

Cushion cover 50x50 sewing instructions

Make your own cushion cover 40x40

Cushion design itself Zottelstoff

Below we show you step by step how to sew a 35 x 35 cm pillow cover with a hotel closure yourself. This version is really handy because you do not need zips or buttons – the padding is simply inserted between the overlapping layers of fabric. For this you need:
• Fabric of your choice
• shavings
• non-woven iron-on both sides
• Sewing machine
• Iron
• color matching yarn
• scissors and pencil
• pins

Sew Pillowcase – Instructions

Cushion design yourself simple instructions

Cushion cover 60x60 Hotelvershluss

Sofa cushions big sewing instructions

Cushion covers 40x40 make yourself

Pillows selbsrt shape modern ideas

Cushion sew hotel closure

Of course, when sewing a pillowcase, it should be a bit larger than the pillow itself. In principle you should measure the length, height and width of the pillow, leaving 2-3 cm on each side for the cushion cover. In our case, the pillowcase should be about 37 x 86 cm. And the first step is to cut out a piece of fabric of the appropriate size. Seam the two narrow sides, iron them inwards and quilt with the sewing machine. Now fold 2.5 cm from the fabric inwards and sew about 3-4 mm from the edge. You should also iron this edge smoothly. Then stitch on the existing seam again, paying attention to the good thread tension. The next step is to draw a circle on the paper side of the fleece. You could also use a template – for example a plate. The adhesive side is placed on the back of the Zottelstoffes. Then cut out the circle, position it in the desired place on the pillowcase and sew tight. Next, put the half-finished pillowcase around the pillow. On one side you fix with pins the two edges on which you folded the fabric. Do the same on the other side too – with the ends of the overlay on the hotel’s closure. In the end, all you have to do is stitch together the two open edges with an overlock stitch. To make the overlock seam elastic, you could use a straight stitch to quilt about 1 mm. And done! Now you can turn your new pillowcase. We hope you like it!

Cushion design colorful geometric pattern

Cushions sew original design

Sew pillow case 50x50

Cushion covers 40x40 owl pattern

Cushion design oriental style

Make your own pillow Hotel lock

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Cushion cover 60x60 DIY DIY

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