Curtains stitching made straightforward - nice concepts for a brand new ambiance within the room
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Curtains stitching made straightforward – nice concepts for a brand new ambiance within the room

Curtains sewing ideas for beginners

Curtains give the living rooms more coziness and protect us from prying eyes from outside. When setting up your own apartment, everyone tries their best to do as a designer and, for example, looks like the pieces of furniture to match each other, wall paint, Curtains and curtains even to choose decoration to match the decor so that the living spaces look cozy, modern and inviting. The stark differences in space can have an effect on people. The winter time is perfect for crafting and with our ideas and tips you can make great curtains yourself. You will be amazed how madly the room and the mood in the room change. And you suddenly have the feeling that you are somewhere else. With our instructions and ideas you will see it everyone can sew their own curtains , You just have to want it.

Curtains sew for the nursery

Curtains sew for the nursery

Sewing curtains, matching the lamp, is something for creative mums. The curtains not only serve as visual and sun protection, but also provide for more cosiness in the room, especially when they are coordinated with other elements in the room. For these curtains you should buy the same material as for the lamp. Some pink ribbon for decorating and fastening. With the sewing accessories, the work can start. The amount of materials depends on the size of the window. About 5 cm should be included in the fabric width for Saumzuschlag. If the entire width of the fabric is used, only the upper and lower edges are missed. The edges are folded twice about 1-2 cm and stitched. If all four edges are missed, you should sew carefully and make sure that there are nice and clean corners. So now children’s stuff is sewn on. First, the children’s fabric is cut according to the curtain. Provide 1 cm seam allowance on all edges. Iron all 4 edges about 1 cm. Put children’s fabric on the front of the curtain and secure with needles. So now the children’s fabric can be sewn on the curtain. Underneath, sew on the pink ribbon as a transition.

Attachment – loops, rings or hoes


Finally, the fixings from the pink loops. The pink ribbon is cut into approx. 12 cm pieces and distributed evenly over the width of the curtain at equal intervals. Then the two ends of the loops are pinned to the upper hem and then sewn. Now the nursery curtain is finished and can be installed.

Sewing curtains with curling ribbon for beginners

Sewing Curtains Instructions - Shcritt 1

The The size of the curtain should match the size of your window , After choosing your fabric, you should decide whether you want a curtain or two. For two, the width should be halved. For heavy fabrics, take two times the width of the window and for light fabrics – 3 times. Take more time to measure. This would require a hem allowance of 3 cm per side. The length is taken as 1 time the window length with the 3 cm hem allowance at the bottom and about 15 cm at the top for the attachment. Now the pages below are lined with a double envelope each 1.5 cm. Please note, the corners nice and clean to sew and sew. Finally, it comes to the envelope and attachment. First turn upstairs. The width of the envelope should be at least equal to the crimp width. It is better if it remains folded from the top about 1 to 2 cm edge. The curling ribbon is pinned about 1 cm from the edge and sewn on the two edges.

Curtains sewing instructions, step2

Curtains made of thin fabrics get a nice fall by curling on the curtain tape. The curtain can then be fixed in two simple ways. Either the curtain rolls are threaded into an already mounted curtain rail or, as shown here, curtain hooks and rings on an existing curtain rod. So, everyone according to their own taste or depending on what is available in the room.

Sewing Curtains Instructions, Step 3

Sew curtains - step by step

Sew curtains step 2

Curtains sew finished

Anyone can sew curtains

Curtains are made of different fabrics

Sewing curtains is easy

Fresh colors bring a fresh mood in the room

Flowery curtains spice up the room

Folding strips in different variations

Nice forest atmosphere in the room

Curtains sew for cot

Curtains in fresh colors give extra mood in the room

Sewing curtains can be easy

nice fresh curtains with great flowers

Sewing curtains made easy for more pep at home

funny curtains for the nursery

Natural curtains for the living room

Theater curtains for a chic living area

great curtains to make your own

Roman curtain

Curtains slightly sewn - imaginative design

Colored voting prevails in the room

different designs and types of curtains

Self-sewn curtains

Accurate Missing for clean corners Instructions for roman curtains

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