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Crafting with paper – directions and funky concepts for copying

Tinker with paper Origami fold flowers

Are you looking for a new hobby that will make your free time more meaningful? In this case, there is nothing better than crafting! And since paperwork is the easiest to do, in this post we offer some cool DIY ideas and tutorials that can inspire you. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and hope you enjoy crafting!

Crafting Paper – Impressive DIY Ideas for Decoration and Gifts

Gift make paper ideas and inspirations

simple crafting paper box folding butterfly

Crafting tips to make envelopes

cool crafting ideas make funny animal figures yourself

simple craft ideas origami fish

Tinker with Paper Creative Ideas Quilling

As I’ve already said, making paper is the easiest thing to do, and you do not need any special skills or tools – just a pencil, ruler, eraser, glue and maybe colored pencils – just things that are undoubtedly found in every house. In addition, there are an incredible number of crafting ideas that you can realize – from making great decorations for the home to creative origami projects and crafting small gifts for your family and friends. You should only find the right DIY ideas and get down to business! Your children could also help you with this – so you would certainly have twice as much fun! Our suggestions below can either be copied or used as a basis for your own ideas. Let your imagination run wild and good luck!

Gift making paper – folding origami

DIY paper birds in different blue nuances

Crafting templates Origami Rose folding

DIY ideas flowers fold from wrapping paper

Gift craft origami flower

DIY origami flower instructions

Birthday gift make gorgeous flowers from paper

Crafting templates Origami folding

Crafting tips Origami folding

From paper you can create fascinating little gifts, for example by folding origami. Do not worry if you do not have any experience so far – there is a huge variety of models with different levels of difficulty. For example, they could start with paper birds, flowers or animal figures – they are among the simplest origami projects. Above you will find great ideas to draw your inspiration from, as well as a few imitation imagery. Have fun folding!

Cool craft ideas – Qulling

DIY Greeting Card Paper Craft Ideas

Birthday present make earrings from paper strips

Tinker with paper Christmas tree made of paper strips

An equally great gift are the works of twisted paper strips. It’s about the crafting technique Quilling, which has been gaining more and more popularity lately. With Quilling, rolled sheets of paper create whole pictures and figures that look really unique – look at the photos above to see for yourself! Only the ends of the paper strips are fixed with some glue, so that the resulting shapes remain. You can either cut the strips yourself or buy them from the craft shop – it is recommended that they are in different colors to make the result even more interesting. There are so many ways to roll the paper – a pencil, with your fingers, with the help of scissors. The finished figures can be hung up as well as stuck to a sheet of paper – so you can for example make a wonderful greeting card for the birthday of a friend or family member itself.

Fold paper box

Paper box fold how are you

Crafting Paper box folding helpful tips

Paper box folding craft templates

Paper box fold heart gorgeous look

Crafting Paper box folding heart

Make Birthday Gift Paper Box Fold

Tinker with paper paper box folding chocolate candy

With paper you can also make fabulous gift wrappings that would make your lover happy. For example, you could try to fold a box. The small paper boxes are actually versatile – except for small gifts, they are also suitable for small things, such as the paper clips on your desk or the nails and screws in the garage. The easiest way is to print an Internet template for free, cut out the boxes and fold them at the markers, and finally decorate them with glitter, beads, sequins and ribbons.

Paper making – book covers, bookmarks, envelopes

Crafting templates make envelope yourself

make simple craft ideas book cover itself

Cool craft ideas make bookmark out of paper

Make DIY ideas bookmarks yourself

Tinker with paper book covers

Paper can be used to make not only beautiful decorations, but also many practical things for the home. For example, you can make envelopes, personalized bookmarks, or attractive book covers to beautify school notebooks, notebooks, and photo albums and protect them from dirt. It is super easy and can be used for various types of paper – Geshenkpapier, newsprint, Tonkarton, even old wallpaper remnants. Of course you could also design the case according to your own taste by painting the paper yourself. It’s even easier to make bookmarks – they can decorate you with various stickers and pictures and shout short wisdom or inspiring quotes

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