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Corian worktop: 18 fashionable examples with care ideas

The kitchen plate is one of the most important elements in a kitchen – everything important is made there, hot pots are placed on it, with the knife is cut. That is why special emphasis is placed on the quality of the kitchen tops. They are forced to take on big challenges and at the same time look beautiful. There are many materials from which kitchen plates can be made, but lately the s.g. Corian countertop more and more popularity. Below you will find more information and important care tips!

Innovative and modern kitchen design with Corian worktop Corian countertop cream

corian countertop black

corian countertop white

corian countertop gray

corian countertop yellow

Corian countertop modern

Corian countertop stylish

corian countertop different

corian countertop blue

corian countertop big

Corian is a novel material that consists partly of the mineral aluminum hydroxide and acrylic resin and is characterized by a silky, extremely smooth surface. The material is poured into shape and can be shaped as desired – for example in the form of a worktop that merges seamlessly into the sink. In principle, Corian is harder than wood, but still should be used on Corian worktop for cutting always kitchen boards, so that scratches on the surface are avoided. In contrast to many other materials, Corian makes it easy to quickly and easily remove small traces of use by lightly sanding and polishing. Unfortunately, the Corian worktop only stops for a short time against heat. It is recommended that hot pots and pans are not placed on the worktop. Corian is available in numerous colors and can also be combined with lighting effects for a more comfortable atmosphere. In addition, you have the opportunity to combine Corian worktop with almost all known materials such as stainless steel, wood or glass, if you want to create an interesting design in the kitchen.

Care instructions for Corian worktop well maintained corian countertop

well maintained corian countertop

When it comes to care, Corian countertop is unpretentious: For daily cleaning, and to keep it nice for a long time, warm water, a soft cloth and a little scouring cream are good enough. For harder stains, such as those from red wine or fat, it is best to use a plastic sponge or detergent with ammonia.

Corian worktop – novel, practical and stylish Corian countertop novel

corian countertop white

Corian countertop practical

Corian worktop failed

corian countertop small

Corian worktop innovative

Corian worktop tendentious

Corian countertop tasteful

Corian countertop modern


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