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Cool craft concepts to mimic

Cool craft ideas can be found here!

Consider many crafting ideas, how to surprise your guests with a real eye-catcher on your Christmas table? A handmade candlestick is a beautiful Christmas decoration that your children can make for themselves, and is a centerpiece on your dining table and also one of the finest gift ideas to make your own. A candlestick is always a good idea, on the other hand, does not exceed the budget that you for Christmas and gifts. On the other hand, it creates a pleasant atmosphere, which is suitable for the festive Christmas mood. For this charming cool craft ideas We introduce you to this article, you need only a few materials and also your creativity and imagination.

Cool craft ideas for Christmas

Cool craft ideas for Christmas

The handmade Christmas decoration gives you the chance to spend more time with your family. That’s why we present you some cool crafting ideas for a stunning Christmas decoration. Candles are a wonderful idea to transform your home into a comfortable ambience. Instead of buying candlesticks, make one yourself with the help of our DIY ideas. That’s why we collect DIY instructions for candlestick that give your festive decoration the finishing touch. These candlestick stands are also ideal for a sweet gift. Our DIY ideas for home improvement go well with beginners and children too. You can use jam jars, cups, cinnamon sticks, wine glasses, tree branches etc. to make a unique candle holder yourself. Whether you are putting it on the dining table or using it as a home-made gift for your family, these candlesticks add a special twist to the cozy atmosphere of your home.

DIY candle holder with leaves from fir-tree

Instructions for making Christmas presents yourself

DIY ideas for everyone

During your Christmas holiday at home, there is nothing better than a DIY project to imitate. Our first suggestion is a very nice crafting idea for candlesticks, which is made from a few leaves of the Christmas tree and wine glasses. This project is not time consuming and not expensive. The result gives your dining room a warm look for Christmas.

What do you need:

  • Wine glasses (as much as you like)
  • Fir tree leaves – 3/4 per glass
  • Candles with a scent of cinnamon
  • Spray adhesive
  • scissors

and of course fantasy!

How do you achieve this result?

After you have picked some even leaves, put all the leaves on the table. Spray the leaves abundantly with the help of the spray glue. So there is no possibility that the leaves will peel off later. The third step is to glue the sprayed leaves to the wineglass. The rest of the leaves are cut with the scissors so that there are no protruding ends.

We guarantee that this candlestick is a combination of simplicity, style and elegance. The drop shadows are very interesting because they are shaped by the shapes of the leaves.

DIY floating candles

DIY ideas for floating candles

Another cool crafting idea for Christmas is the project for the floating candles. It is aimed very well at all home improvement fans. We are in love with the simplicity of this project. That’s why the second suggestion comes in a simple DIY look. The result – an eye-catcher on the dining table, which all eyes on itself.

What do you need:

Would you like to make interesting presents yourself for Christmas?

  • Jam jars with wide opening
  • fresh rosemary – branches
  • fresh cranberries
  • Candles with tealight
  • grind
  • water

and of course imagination!

How do you achieve this result?

Ideas for Christmas gifts crafts

Feel each jam jar with the desired amount of the fresh rosemary sprigs. There you will feel ¾ of the jam jar of water. Now leave some cranberries inside. The last step is that you put the candles with tealight on top. The finishing touch brings the beautiful ribbon to your candle holder.

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Below, you can choose from a variety of cool crafting ideas, what you do as a Christmas decoration and gifts yourself. The handmade gifts are more valuable than the purchased ones. They are the real testimony to the appreciation you feel for your family. Our DIY ideas are not only suitable for handmade Christmas decorations, but for creative little Christmas gifts. They give your home the feeling of coziness, love, warmth. We hope that you will be in love with at least one of our suggestions and be inspired by them.

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