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Convey the Christmas market dwelling – Bake the bonnet

When November arrives, the preparations for Christmas also begin, and the Christmas market will come! Who does not love him? Today you will learn how to bring the touch of Christmas market home. Bake hats and the anticipation of the holidays will reign in your apartment. Below is the classic recipe. Have fun baking!

Mutzen – a tradition for the annual market and Christmas market

Mutzen are still known as Mutzenmandel

The Mutzen are a Rhenish pastry, which find their most popular application on fair, Christmas market or at the Carnival. Very easy to prepare with a typical taste of Christmas! In Austria, this specialty is called “baked mice”. These sweets are still known as Schmalzkuchen or Schmalzgebäck. Most often at Christmas time, the so-called Mutzenmandel be prepared. This sweet treat is ready only for 30 minutes. See how!

The original recipe for the classic bonnets

Mutzen - the original recipe

Ingredients for about 60 pieces: 500 g flour, 250 g sugar, 500 g lean quark, 5 eggs, 4 sachets of vanilla, 1 baking powder, 250 g raisins, 10 tbsp rum, 1 sachet powdered sugar and a little cinnamon.


In a bowl, mix flour, quark, sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, baking powder and raisins and add rum. All this can be left in the fridge for one night. The next day, heat a bit of fat (butter or oil) in a large pot in a middle of the stove. When it’s hot, fry the bonnets when you make them as balls using the teaspoons. But you should turn them regularly. When finished and chilled, you can add powdered sugar or cinnamon over it.

Mutzen mit Quark – ideal for carnival

Mutzen are the classic carnival

But if you’ve eaten moths at the carnival, you probably know the taste of quark. Typical of carnival are the curds. Quark makes the dough juicy and it is combined with apple, tastes particularly good! Have a look at the recipe below and enjoy it!

Ingredients: 250 g quark, 225 g sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 250 g flour, 1 tbsp rum, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 small pointed lemon juice, powdered sugar and apple to taste.

Preparation is ana#us to the original recipe. Mix all the ingredients, shape the ball out of the dough and add it in hot oil. Finished!

Video recipe

Mutzen are typical for Christmas market and fair

Mutzen are typical for Christmas market and fair

Mutzen mit Quark typical for carnival

Mutzen - classic recipe

Mutzen Baking brings Christmas atmosphere at home

Mutzen with powdered sugar

Bring the Christmas market home with the recipe for Mutzen
Mutzen - original recipe

Bake bonnet to create a happy mood

Bake bonnet to create a happy mood

Mutzen are a Rhenish pastry

Mutzen are Schmelzgeback

Poles are a tradition

Mutzen Weihnachtsstuete as a gift

Mutzen bag from the Christmas market

Mutzen from the Christmas market

Mutzen to carnival

Mutzen known from the Christmas market

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