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Constructing sandbox – the best information + 25 artistic concepts

If you have children at home, you’ll know how important it is to play with a sandbox. If you’re in the park with your kids, you can let them play for hours on the sandbox and they’ll never get bored. This classic offers real fun! And if you have a garden or a large balcony, why spend so much time in public playgrounds? You can only build a sandbox with four brothers. One thing is certain – a sandbox built by Papa is something special for your kids! Follow our guide to bring joy to your children!

Build sandbox – only in 5 easy steps

Sandbox build instructions

There are several types of sandbox that you can easily build. It is recommended that your sandbox has a roof. Otherwise you will have to choose a shady location. In our case, our DIY project is roofless, as we have chosen the easiest guide for beginners. But if you know the basic rules, you can let your imagination run wild. You can also install the drainage system. Another idea is a sandpit with seats.

The required materials:

Sandbox build instruction materials

The materials you need are some planed garden boards – between 12 and 16, squared timbers for the 4 corner posts, an anti-root cloth, a cordless screwdriver and of course sand. The planks, no longer than four meters, are offered reasonably priced. Select the boards with a width of 20 centimeters and a thickness of 4 centimeters. The length of course depends on how big you want to build the sandbox. But before you start with the first step, you must mark the area for the sandbox. First prick the edges with a spade and then dig out the entire area about 20 cm deep. The bottom of the sandbox must be level. Lay out the floor with anti-root cloth. This material has the great advantage that rainwater can run off. Then comes the assembly!

Step 1

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 1

step 2

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 4

step 3

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 5

Step 4

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 6

Step 5

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 7

Step 6

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 6

Step 7

Build Sandbox Instructions Step 7

We have shown the steps as pictures for you as they explain better than text. But here is a short text tutorial. The installation is best done at the place where the sandpit is located. Of course, you must first prepare the boards – cut, remove the spring and prepare the teeth. Mount the squared timbers with six screws each on the side panels. Start with the corners first and then attach the other boards as a square. The other corners are ana#us. Then you are done with the first floor. Then comes the second floor, so that the sandbox gets high enough. Assemble a small part in the four centers so that the long boards are well secured. Finally, of course, you still have sand in the sandbox. There are especially at the hardware store Spieland to buy. Unfortunately, the children can not really bake cakes or build castles with this one. Gravel is much more suitable here. That’s our suggestion, if you can find gravel.

And an idea when the kids grow up

Sandbox build idea

If you now equip your sandbox with a roof, then it is best to use two large boards, which screw you together into a triangle. But pay attention to stability. Alternatively, you can use the four piles to stretch a sturdy cloth made of a solid material. Bring color to your garden or balcony with a colorful fabric. Get more ideas from our excellent examples

Sandbox build playground

Sandbox build type

Build sandbox with roof

Sandbox build out of pallet

Sandbox build DIY Sandbox build DIY

Sandbox build closed

Sandbox build bench

Sandbox build DIY project

Sandbox build DIY

Sandbox build DIY idea

Sandbox build DIY with roof

Sandbox build DIY idea

Sandbox build DIY project

Sandbox build DIY stones

Sandbox build DIY table

Sandbox build green

Sandbox build ship

Sandbox build idea

Sandbox build ideas


Sandbox build idea

Sandbox build multicolored

Sandbox build tires

Sandbox build tire Art

Build sandbox with stones

Build sandbox with water

Sandbox build from two parts

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