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Construct your personal kitchen island – concepts for artistic kitchen design

If the kitchen is spacious, you have plenty of storage space, freedom of movement and even the opportunity to eat there. This is not the case in many apartments today. So, what to do? The kitchen island is not only really practical, but they are also very trendy lately. If you want to save not only space, but also money, you can build a kitchen island yourself. Here you will find a simple guide and many practical tips on the topic. We hope that they can help you.

Building a kitchen island yourself – a stylish and practical solution for the kitchen

Kitchen island country style

Kitchen island modern and functional design

Build kitchen island yourself

Kitchen island itself builds ideas and inspirations

modern kitchen design kitchen island on wheels

Kitchen island classic design

Kitchen island itself build DIY creative ideas

Kitchen island modern design

modern kitchen with kitchen island

Kitchen island itself build creative ideas Kitchen island made of Euro pallets

If you want to build your own kitchen island, everything depends on how much space you have. Of course, you do not have to do everything yourself. You can get the desired result, even by connecting cabinets that match each other, with boards. A shelf or even a sitting area can be integrated into the kitchen island – depending on your personal wishes and needs. All the necessary materials can be found on the construction and furniture market, where you can also get professional advice. A kitchen island can be built in different styles, for example in country style – this of course depends on the decor of your home and your preferences. When you move into a new apartment, it is best to first select the kitchen – with all the necessary electrical appliances and furniture, and then build the kitchen island in the style of your kitchen. You can express your ideas by drawing a sketch – this can really help you plan your kitchen island.

Helpful practical tips

Kitchen island rosewood

Kitchen island unusual design

original kitchen island made of dark wood

Build kitchen island yourself

Kitchen island in gray modern kitchen design

Kitchen island white and green

Kitchen island itself build DIY ideas

Kitchen island industrial style

Kitchen island country style modern design of the kitchen

small and modern kitchen island

Of course, what you need to build a kitchen island depends on your plans. For example, the simplest solution is to stick several pharmacist cabinets or base cabinets together and then place a worktop on top of them. But if you want it a bit more original, you can use two worktops, a few planks and hinges to fold one worktop down or up. It is also possible to connect two cabinets through a back wall or boards, creating a shelf. You can also put up a matching worktop. The kitchen island would look even more original and charming if you paint it with color. You can use a spray gun for this purpose – so apply the paint to the cabinets and boards evenly.

Numerous variants and possibilities

Kitchen island practical design

modern kitchen island

Kitchen Island DIY

classic kitchen island

Kitchen island rustic design

build creative DIY ideas kitchen island yourself

Kitchen island build DIY yourself

Kitchen island original design

Kitchen Island creative ideas to make your own

modern kitchen with kitchen island

Perhaps you are already convinced that you are faced with many different options and options if you want to build a kitchen island yourself. Of course, everything depends on your ideas and creativity. In this article, however, you will find the instructions for a simple and really practical variant that can serve as a suggestion. For this you need base cabinets for bathroom, backboard, countertop of your choice, nails, combination screw and also glue for wood.

Build kitchen island yourself – instructions

Kitchen island in white

Kitchen island in country style

modern kitchen island

Kitchen with kitchen island modern design

Kitchen island in red

Kitchen island modern

bright kitchen with kitchen island

Kitchen colorful kitchen island

Kitchen island modern design

modern minimalist kitchen with kitchen island

After you have everything you need, you can start building your kitchen island. Place your chosen cabinets side by side to measure their height, width and total length. You can buy a finished worktop and then have it cut in the store – according to the dimensions of the cabinets. The second step is to screw the cabinets together with the nails. Then measure the width and overall length of the new construction. Cut the backboard to your dimensions – it can be wood or other material – depending on your personal preference. After you are done, glue the Arbets panel to the cabinet and screw nails to get it tight. For additional attachment, you can glue the worktop again with the adhesive and wait 24 hours until it dries out well. Let your imagination run wild to impressively decorate your home-made kitchen island. To make it mobile, you can also mount wheels. Finished!

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