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Construct your personal greenhouse: easy directions and ideas

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In this article, we offer a creative idea for people who like to master in their spare time – to build a greenhouse yourself! Because the greenhouse is necessary for every garden – there you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, or keep your flowers in winter so they do not freeze. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to build a greenhouse yourself, and which are the most important conditions for this. Let it inspire you!

Build your own greenhouse – Preparation

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Building a greenhouse yourself is a demanding task, and if you are not an experienced handyman, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. First of all, you should know what kind of greenhouse you want in your garden: a seedling house in which the temperature does not exceed 12 ° C; a temperate greenhouse, which can be used all year round, or rather a hot house for plants with special needs, such as oranges, lemons, etc. Here we provide instructions for classic, lowered greenhouse with floor-level foundation, but in the network can be Also find other suggestions that you might also like. In the second place, it is important to find the ideal location for the greenhouse – it should be sheltered from the wind and possibly oriented to the south.

Build your own greenhouse – necessary materials

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To build a classic greenhouse according to our instructions, you need the following materials:
• 8 square stones, 200 cm long
• 8 square stones, 100 cm long
• 7 square stones, 90 cm long
• 4 square stones, 150 cm long
• 4 square stones, 55 cm long
• 1 squarewood, 160 cm long
• 2 square stones, 92.5 cm long
• 28 straight hooks, 3.5 × 40 mm (M4)
• 8 wide angle, 40x40x40 mm
• 28 Ӧ
• Wood screws, 5 × 80 mm
• greenhouse film
• roofing felt
• Wood primer
• nails

Greenhouse build yourself – detailed instructions

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First, carefully prime the wood to make it weatherproof and let it dry well. The 200 cm long squared lumber should later be stuck in the ground, so you dress this about 30 cm high with roofing felt. The basic construction consists of four identical elements. For each you need 6 square wood – two 200 cm long, one 150 cm long, one 55 cm long and two 100cm long. At the right angles, screw the 150 cm long square wood to the 2 meter long wood. Use an angle connection. Then the 55 cm long piece of wood is fastened with a screw in the middle of the short wood. The sloping roof forms two 1 meter long square tiles. They should be sawn at one end onto the appropriate slope, and fixed so that a 90 ° angle is created at the top. For the other three elements repeat the same process.

Crop and fix the greenhouse film

Build the greenhouse yourself

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Next you should cover each element with greenhouse foil – use nails for this purpose. This will be the back wall of your greenhouse. Now cut three foil strips for the side walls – they should be about 570 × 90 cm in size, and extend from one side to the other of the greenhouse. In the middle of the two outer sheets, you should fasten the 92.5 cm long square wood, and at the edges also the 90 cm long wood with nails. On the middle track you nail the three square blocks, which are 90 cm long. Lay the film along the edge and beat the wood five times at the ends, so that they are completely covered with foil at the end. To be able to attach the foil to the wooden frame, you must attach it to the edges in an accessible height – 8 sockets are enough per foil sheet. For the walk-in wall of the greenhouse you should also cut foil. At the upper part it is fixed with nails, and at the bottom – with 4 lugs. The last 1 meter long square wood is also nailed to the lower end of the Fiolie.

Set up the greenhouse

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Finally, the greenhouse still needs to be set up. Insert the four elements into the ground at a distance of 85 cm so that the roof felt is no longer visible. The film webs are placed over the wooden scaffolding, and fixed on the roof with nails. Finally, in the wood, screw the screw hooks on the height of the ears, and hang the file. Your self-built greenhouse is already done!

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