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Construct your personal barbecue: Directions in 6 simple steps

Barbeque modern ideas and inspirations

If you love barbecue parties in the garden, you might like the idea of ​​building a barbecue yourself. The task is not easy, but you will certainly enjoy the result for a long time. A brick wall grill is not only useful and practical, but also can visually enhance the garden area. In this article you will find a detailed guide and several tips on how to build a barbecue yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Garden Grill build yourself – instructions

Barbecue build creative DIY ideas

Barbecue construction manual

Barbeque modern ideas and inspirations

Barbecue bricks

Barbecue classic look

brick barbecue made of bricks

Barbecue brick walled modern design

Barbecue seating garden

Garden Grill itself build ideas and inspirations

modern barbecue

There are several reasons to build a barbecue yourself. It may be that the grills offered on the market do not seem stable or big enough for you, or you may have your own ideas that you would like to realize. Another reason is that buying a barbecue can often be too expensive, and choosing to build it yourself will also save you a lot of money. There are actually many ways a garden grill can be built – bricked or not, with and without a concrete foundation, square or round – that’s usually a matter of taste. Here we offer a manual whose instructions you can follow or just use as a guide.

Step 1: Choose the right place in the garden

original garden design barbecue

big brick garden barbecue interesting design

modern barbecue grilled

Barbecue on the terrace

self-built barbecue

If you grill frequently, it’s worth building a solid and durable construction that can be outdoors year-round. That’s why the brick barbecue is the best solution for you. Once you have made the decision to build a barbecue yourself, you should find a suitable place in your garden for it – it should be far enough from the farm to the neighbors and in the immediate vicinity of your kitchen or terrace.

Step 2: Obtain the necessary tools and materials

Barbecue construction manual

Barbecue area terrace modern barbecue

original barbecue ideas and inspirations

large garden grill unusual design

small barbecue made of brick

To build a barbecue you need the following materials: about 140 clinker or firebricks (240 x 115 x 71mm), plasterboard, fireclay mortar, cement curtain remover, 4 galvanized flat iron (40 x 5 x 70mm), bottom plate (86 x 50cm) and grill , And the necessary tools are: trowel, hammer, trowel, spirit level, knife, pencil and angle.

Step 3: Lay the foundation

DIY barbecue

homemade barbecue grill bricks

modern barbecue original ideas garden design

Barbecue round shape

Barbecues build ideas and inspirations

The grill should have a firm foundation – for this purpose you can dig the floor 15-20 cm deep at the chosen place and cast a concrete finder. But this is not obligatory – you can also use gravel as a foundation or better – a finished floor slab of appropriate size.

Step 4: Wall the barbecue

Barbecue made of brick

Barbecue Brick original design ideas

Grill of stone garden pergola Japanese style

Barbecue natural stone and brick

Barbecue design ideas

Then you start with that, the grill to wall – the first stones are laid with fireproof fireclay mortar on the foundation. Careful work with the spirit level and angle is especially important for the construction to be stable. Each row is laid by a quarter to half stone length. With the excess mortar – as long as it is not cured, you can fill in the joints.

Step 5: Build fire surface and segmental arch

Barbecue fancy design

Barbecue modern terrace

Garden design original barbecue

Garden design original barbecue and pizza oven

Barbecue on the terrace

The next step is to wall the segmental arch and the fire surface. The protective plasterboard – for the segmental arch, are inserted into the grill. The support for the stones of the segmental arch is also made of stones. The stones are then placed on the protective aids and mortared. There is also a layer of stone, which guarantees the stability of the construction and is later used as a fire area. Two rows of stones on the sides and one on the back frame the fire area.

Step 6: Install brackets

Barbecue DIY

modern barbecue

Garden grill made of natural stone modern design

BBQ area on the terrace BBQ modern

Barbecue brick design ideas

What remains is to install the brackets for the grill. As brackets you use 4 galvanized flat iron. They are placed on both sides of the stones – the distance should correspond to the dimensions of the grill. Then the iron is fixed with mortar. Finally, there are three more rows of chairs – two on the sides and one on the back wall of the grill. And done! But before you use your new barbecue, you should let the construction dry well – one week is enough. One can say that the construction of a barbecue is a demanding task – but the result is definitely worth it!

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