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Construct your individual kitchen: ideas and concepts for the small house

DIY kitchen kitchen island build yourself

You have just moved into a small apartment, where there is not enough space for a kitchen? In this post you will find a solution to your problem! We’ll show you how to build your own kitchen in just a few steps – below are two easy-to-follow instructions on how to build a lovely little bar and kitchen island that are very convenient and take up little space. We hope you enjoy our ideas and wish you lots of fun and success in copying!

Build your own kitchen – practical kitchen island

Kitchen Ideas Practical Kitchen Island DIY

Kitchen build kitchen island

Kitchen renovate Kitchen island build

Kitchen island itself build instructions

Kitchen ideas make kitchen island itself

It is much easier to build your own kitchen than you might imagine – this is true for the construction of a kitchen island. A kitchen island is not only practical – it offers storage space for all sorts of kitchen utensils, but also really mobile (especially the models on wheels). But since a kitchen island is not a cheap affair, here we show you how to make yourself in just a few easy steps. For this you need the following materials:

  • 2 base cabinets for bathrooms of your choice
  • countertop
  • backboard
  • Combination screw
  • Glue for wood
  • nails
  • Maβband

Kitchen island itself build step by step

DIY kitchen kitchen island build

Kitchen island itself build ideas and instructions

brick kitchen modern kitchen island

Kitchen furniture cheap ideas for making your own

Kitchen itself build beautiful kitchen island

First, you should select and buy bathroom cabinets in the furniture store. You can also use two old cabinets, but most importantly they are the same size (you could make a larger kitchen island with three or four cabinets – the basic principle is the same). Place them side by side and measure the total length, height and width. The next step is to cut the countertop that you bought, depending on the dimensions. Then secure the two cabinets from the inside with screws. Measure now the total length and width of the rear part of the resulting construction and cut off the back board according to your new dimensions. Finally, you only need to attach the worktop and the backboard first with special glue for wood and then with nails to the cabinets. And done! The glue takes at least 24 hours to dry out completely and then you could decorate your new kitchen island as you like, paint it in a new color and mount wheels to make it mobile.

Kitchen build yourself: chic bar

Counter build brick kitchen

Kitchen itself build practical ideas kitchen island

Kitchen remodel bar counter gorgeous look

A bar in the kitchen looks very chic and gives the impression as if the homeowner likes to receive guests. Here we tell you how you can build a bar yourself, which looks really great and takes up little space – just perfect for the small kitchen! For this purpose you need:

  • 2 billy shelves
  • 1 new worktop
  • wooden boards
  • Hammer and nails
  • Glue for wood
  • Maβband

Build the counter yourself – instructions

Build your own bar How are you?

Build kitchen counter and decorate with wood

Counter kitchen DIY ideas to imitate

Kitchen with counter modern look

Kitchen furniture cheap counter build yourself

Build kitchens ideas counter yourself

The self-construction of a small bar is actually just as easy as the kitchen island. First, you should place the two Billy shelves apart so that there is enough room in between, for example, for a mini fridge for ice cream and drinks. Cut the worktop in the appropriate size and fix it on the shelves with glue and nails. The last step is to disguise the visible exterior with wooden boards that fit well to the countertop. Already finished! The shelves provide ample storage for glasses and bottles, and once the glue has dried out, the bar can be painted and decorated according to your personal preferences. A great DIY idea, right? Over the counter, you could also hang pendant lights to create a romantic atmosphere. And if you are skilled in craftsmanship, you could also try another variant: build a wooden board frame by making the necessary dimensions in advance. Then decorate the sides with decorative wooden boards of your choice and attach a nice worktop on them, which you have cut in appropriate size. Finished! We hope that our ideas will help you to set up the small kitchen!

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