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Construct a wardrobe your self – concepts and directions for anybody who feels prefer it

Build your own wardrobe-paletevintage wardrobe

You want to create more order in the range of jackets and make a creative wardrobe in the hall itself? We have great ideas for wardrobe build yourself ready for you. With a little more imagination you will come up with even more design options and yours entrance area give a creative touch. Material and design freedom according to your choice and imagination. It’s even a bad idea, just look in the basement, when browsing is determined something that can come to services.

Build your own wardrobe from old cutlery

Build your own wardrobe from old cutlery

For this you would need some unused cutlery and pliers. Get creative and turn the fork as you wish. For in between, you can also flatten a spoon and bend. The possibilities are unlimited and entirely up to your imagination.

Build upcycling ladder wardrobe yourself

Build upcycling ladder wardrobe yourself

This wardrobe can easily result in a walk to the basement or garage. You would only have to search for unusable items or old furniture, pimp it or just make it look fancy. A self-made wardrobe made of two old ladders offers plenty of space for jackets, coats and shoes in the hallway. The ladder for hanging up scarves and bags is especially comfortable.

The following materials are needed for this wardrobe:

  • 2 ladders made of wood or a folding ladder, which is built on two ladders apart
  • 2 wooden boards, any length, 20-30 cm wide and with a thickness of 2 cm
  • a curtain rod made of wood, 150 cm long and at least 2 cm wide
  • 8 screws for the boards (3 mm diameter and 30 mm long)
  • Clearcoat and brush
  • Perforated tape 2 x 12 cm
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • 8 screws 20 mm length for the perforated tape

With the right tool you will turn the old ladder into a practical upcycling wardrobe. With a pair of handles creates a fancy piece of furniture in the entrance, which attracts attention.

So it is step by step

Build your own wardrobe step by step

Now it goes to the actual execution.

Step 1:

First, both boards are measured and cut with a jigsaw. Subsequently, edges and fiber tears are ground smooth. If necessary, the surface should be sanded before painting. It is necessary to impregnate the boards with clear varnish, because the wood tolerates the moisture and dirt of the shoes and can be easily cleaned. Please note that you do not have to remove any sanding dust or chips before painting, so that they do not stick to the paint layer. This is quickest with a hand vacuum cleaner.

Step 2:

Lay the ladder parallel to each other and place the boards on the bottom two rungs. Then fasten with 2 screws on each side. For the two boards offset from each other, the lower board should be oriented to the front and the upper back.

Step 3:

Now you can mark the rent on the top rung. Place the bar at these points and fix it on both sides with perforated tape and short screws with the cordless screwdriver.

You see, the new ladder wardrobe is already in the hallway in 3 simple steps, waiting for a little decoration.

Build your own tree wardrobe from old boards and wooden slats

Build your own tree wardrobe from old boards and wooden slats

Look again in the garage or in the basement, perhaps you will find old unusable wooden slats and boards that are in one unique wardrobe on the wall in the hallway. With a great seat with integrated shoe cabinet, the entrance area is already fully equipped.

Build the wardrobe yourself

Build a fancy wardrobe yourself

Kuferröhre for the perfect wardrobe

Frozen wardrobe for children

Order is fun

Birch trunks - wardrobe

Chic country-style wardrobe homemade in the hallway

Tree wardrobe from old slats

Build the wardrobe yourself for more order and storage space

Wooden wardrobe - a real eye-catcher

simple and failed

Built in wardrobe himself for the nursery

wardrobe vintage build yourself from wooden boxes Diy furniture with pep

Mickey kids wardrobe

Design your own wardrobe

Wardrobe and shoe cabinet itself build from wooden boxes

Built-in wardrobe with a difference Build wardrobe yourself from metal

Wardrobe vintage for more style

Wardrobe made of pallets

Build wardrobe from pallets yourself

Illuminated wardrobe with color balls

for the little ballerina

Fancy wardrobe on wheels

DIY wardrobe to do it yourself

Build a built-in wardrobe yourself

The old sled is turned into a wardrobe

Drawer wardrobe

Shoe cabinet made of wooden boxes Build the wardrobe yourself

Wardrobe under the stairs - the perfect solution for the entrance area

Copper tube wardrobe

Shoe cabinet under the stairs

Build wardrobe yourself from wood and metal

Build the built-in wardrobe yourself

Build the wardrobe yourself in white

Build wardrobe yourself - walk-in wardrobe

Branches wardrobe - a real eye-catcher

Built-in wardrobe itself for more order and comfort

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