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Construct a stream your self – directions and sensible ideas

Many gardens today have a decorative garden pond, which is not only a real eye-catcher in the outdoor area, but also has a calming effect due to the gentle lapping of the water and offers cooling off in the hot summer days. It is even more interesting when the garden is equipped with a stream. Its construction is not complicated at all – either as a complement to the garden pond or as an independent design element in the outer area. Here you will find simple instructions on how to build a stream yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

The stream as an eye-catcher in the outer area

Stream itself build practical tips

Creek with waterfall natural look

Creek Japanese style

Stream and decorative garden pond

Garden design ideas stream running

The stream is an eye-catcher in the garden

Creek waterfall garden creative design ideas

Creek with waterfall landscaping

Stream and garden pond

Build a stream yourself

If you want to build a stream yourself, you must first find the right place for it. It is important that the slope of the terrain is not too large – the best option is between 4 and 10 percent. You should also determine in advance if the creek will run straight or swinging, and create a sketch that reflects your ideas. It is advisable that the stream is located in a semi-shaded spot, which helps to prevent the evaporation of water on hot summer days. It is also sensible to be able to watch the creek running from its seat on the terrace – this guarantees not only the beautiful view, but also the relaxation of the senses through the sound of running water.

Build the stream yourself: Preparation

Create DIY stream yourself

Creek and garden pond creative ideas garden design

Stream nature look

Creek and decorative garden pond with water lilies

Bachlauf itself build ideas and inspirations

Creek with waterfall and beautiful summer flowers

Terrace magnificent view stream

Creek itself build creative ideas

Creek build DIY yourself

Garden design fantastic stream

If you want to build a stream yourself, you first have to dig out the ditch with the spade and feel it with a 5 cm thick layer of sand. A stream is usually no more than 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. However, the water will seep into the ground on its route – to avoid that, the sand alone is not enough. So you have to seal the course against the underground in a suitable way. A good option is, for example, to cast a concrete bed. This solution is particularly durable, but the careful preparation is obligatory, because later corrections are almost impossible.

Create stream yourself – step by step

grading the earth

Create stream yourself

practical tips to build stream yourself

Pond with goldfish and stream

creative garden design creek

Pond with aquatic plants and creek landscaping

Garden creative design ideas

Swimming pond and stream

original ideas stairs and creek next to each other

Build a stream yourself

You can also opt for a stream that is composed of plastic bowls. This variant is particularly flexible and easy to install, but is only suitable for relatively short distances. The shells are also difficult to integrate in a natural environment, because they still retain their artificial appearance. The last option is to use pond liner for the shape of the stream. In this way you have the most freedom in the design, but such a stream needs additional stabilization elements, so as not to slip. For the width of the film, it should be at least 25 centimeters larger on the two sides than the stream. For example, for a 40-centimeter-wide stream, you need a pond sheet that is at least 90 centimeters wide. In the specialized trade today also special sanded stone foils are to be found, which are somewhat more stable.

The pump at the stream

the pump at the stream

Stream nature look

Bachlauf Steindeko creative garden design

Stream and aquatic plants

Creek with waterfall

For the water to flow like a real stream, you need a pump. This is best suited for an underwater pump, which can be placed a little higher on a rock in the stream, so that it sucks no soil mud and clogged. With a filter at the end of the stream, the water can be purified – this variant is simply ideal if the stream is connected to a garden pond. It is very important that the pump is strong enough so that the water can be pumped easily until the beginning of the artificial stream. Several factors are important here – not only the width and length, but also the position of the pump and the slope of the terrain. Therefore, it is recommended that you get professional advice when choosing the pump.

Create the creek creatively

Create stream yourself Garden landscaping

to shape the course of the stream close to nature

Bachlauf Steindeko Aussenbereich Design ideas

Exterior design ideas

Build a stream yourself

The last step in the self-construction of a stream is to make it as close to nature as possible. Choose suitable plants – preferably water-loving species, and stones to decorate the finished stream. But do not exaggerate to achieve a beautiful, natural effect.

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