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Construct a nook bench your self: directions and useful suggestions

Corner bench yourself build DIY ideas

Do you enjoy mastering your free time? If you love the challenges, you are right here. In this article, we will provide you with a simple guide on how to build a corner seat yourself. Follow the steps to get a nice result at the end. We wish you much success!

Build corner bench yourself – practical solution for small rooms

Build corner bench yourself

DIY corner bench europallets

Corner bench wood classic design

Corner bench in wood upholstered

Corner bench soft upholstery DIY ideas

Corner bench wood classic look

Corner bench wood modern design

Corner bench terrace solid wood

Corner bench upholstered dining room

Corner bench in the garden

The corner seat is definitely a practical solution in the interior – especially for small spaces. It can be wonderfully integrated into every room of your home and thus you can save space. The corner seat is usually positioned directly against the wall and there is no need to move it to sit down. For this reason, it is much more functional than the traditional table version and chairs placed around it – in this case, there must be enough space between the individual chairs, the table and the wall to sit comfortably – something that is in a small room would be problematic. In addition, the chairs can leave unpleasant marks on the wall as they move back and forth, which is also disadvantageous. To avoid such problems, it is best to choose a corner seat as a substitute for the chairs. In the furniture stores you will find different designs and variants that suit everyone kitchen design will fit. But you can also easily build a corner seat yourself. In the following instructions, you will find an original idea for a bench with a simple design and uncomplicated construction, which can also be built by beginners. Let yourself be inspired!

Build a corner bench yourself – list of necessary tools and materials

Corner wooden bench classic design

Corner bench itself builds ideas and inspirations

Corner bench red upholstery dining room

classic corner wooden bench creative ideas DIY

DIY ideas long corner bench made of wood

If you want to build a corner bench yourself, you will need the following materials: 2 laminated wood panels as seating area (one should be 150 x 40 x 4 cm, and the other – 110 x 40 x 4 cm), 3 leg boards (41 x 40 x 4 cm) and another as a rear leg (41 x 37 x 4 cm). In addition you need a drill, 15 wood dowels and special glue for wood.

Step 1: make the longer side of the corner seat

Corner bench design ideas soft upholstery

Corner bench in solid wood

Build corner bench yourself

modern corner dining area

DIY corner bench original design ideas

upholstered with modern corner seat

Corner bench elegant design

Corner bench itself build creative design ideas

Corner bench long soft padding

DIY corner bench

First, you start by building the longer side of the bench. To do this, take the longest glulam panel and drill nine dowel holes – three along the side edges, three on the front and three along the rear edges – they are needed to connect the panel to the legs and the second half of the corner seat. For the connection with the legs, three holes are drilled in the upper edges of two 40 cm wide and 37 cm wide glued wood panels. All holes should be 1.2 cm in diameter and exactly 2.5 cm deep – be careful so that the parts fit together later. The holes are then filled with adhesive, the dowels – hammered into the legs and finally the seat is placed.

Step 2: Build the shorter side

Design ideas corner bench build yourself

Corner bench self-built red upholstery

Corner bench europallets balcony

original corner bench in vintage style

classic corner bench in white

interesting corner seat with seat cushion white

Corner bench elegant design dining room

Corner bench itself builds ideas and inspirations

original corner bench driftwood

Corner bench modern look soft padding

The next step is to make the shorter side of the corner seat. It consists of two parts – the third 40 cm wide wooden plate as a foot and the 110 long plate as a seat. The leg should again receive three holes in the narrow upper edge, and the seat – six (on the two side edges). The parts are connected according to the same principle: first the dowel holes are filled with glue and then the wooden dowels are hammered in.

Step 3: connect the two parts together

Corner bench yourself build DIY ideas

Corner bench outdoor creative design ideas

modern corner dining area

Corner bench itself builds ideas and inspirations DIY

modern corner bench creative ideas to make your own

What remains is to assemble the corner seat. For this you should connect the two parts of the construction together. Use wooden dowels to attach the longer side of the bench to the shorter one. Your own built corner seat is already finished! But wait two to three days before sitting down to allow the glue to dry well. To give a better look to the finished corner seat, you can cushion it with a fabric of your choice. A good alternative to padding is also the soft cushions and mats, which can also ensure a comfortable fit.

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