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Congratulation to the marriage – 52 inspiring concepts

beautiful sayings wedding

You are looking for the perfect wedding congratulation? Then you will find him in this post! Here we offer you 52 inspiring ideas and suggestions for wishes sayings and quotes, with which you personally congratulate the happy bridal couple or label your greetings card. Let yourself be inspired!

The perfect wedding congratulations – romantic ideas
Congratulations on the wedding the best ideas

I wish you many magical moments full of pure love, unalloyed joy and exuberant cheerfulness for your big day. Your wedding should remain forever in loving memory and be a dreamlike start into an equally dreamlike future.

Congratulation wedding ideas and inspirations

Wedding wish creative ideas

Now the marriage happiness forges by hand – in pairs. My wish: It is stable and durable all the time!

beautiful short sayings wedding

What you longed for some time, it became reality today. The most beautiful dream, he came true – you two are now a married couple. We wish you now from all hearts, God blessings rest on you! Always be guided by love. You should always stand together faithfully in good and bad times and go through your whole life.

Best wishes for your wedding

congratulations wedding sayings and quotes

Sincerely we want to congratulate you on the wedding and wish you all the best for the future.

Wedding card romantic poem

Quotes wedding funny poem by Wilhelm Busch

Today you are crowning your love with a marriage promise! Two hearts have found each other and want to fight each other for a lifetime. This is something very special! And maybe – maybe a third heart will beat in the same bar soon … We wish you all the best for your future and send congratulations to your wedding!

Spells luck wedding quote from Exupery

to find the perfect wedding congratulation

Herzlich: Good marriage start! All luck! And good ride! Your love should always bring you closer to each other. Never let your luck slip. Everyone wishes you that; especially me!
Let yourself always be led by love, you should stand together in good and bad times, always faithful and so go through all your life.

Future sayings wedding

The best wishes for the wedding! Good luck and hope for you …

great sayings about the wedding

Wedding card inspiring ideas

Congratulations to the wedding – quotes from well-known authors

nice short sayings to the wedding quote from Mark Twain

A person is truly rich only if he possesses the heart of a loved one.

Greta Garbo

Quotations to the wedding short Hermann Hesse

Loving is to be able to see another person as God meant him.

F. M. Dostoyevsky

Wedding Congratulation Quote from Mark Twain Love Happiness

Love is a game that two can play and everyone wins.

Eva Gabor

nice short sayings wedding quote from Hermann Hesse

But man is an imperfect thing. He has to find a second one to be happy.

Blaise Pascal

Wedding wishes short quote from George Sands

Because only he is rich, who is loved and allowed to love.

Adalbert Stifter

Congratulation Wedding Quote from Wilhelm Busch Weis

Age does not protect against love, but love before aging.

Coco Chanel

Wedding card write the best ideas for wedding wishes

Love alone understands the mystery of giving to others and becoming rich themselves.

Clement of Brentano

Wedding wishes lovingly romantic

You are one now, you two,
and we are one with you.
Drinks on the pleasure duration
a glass of good wine!
And stays at all times
facing each other
through dispute and discord
never destroyed your covenant.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

happy wedding gorgeous sayings

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

George Sands

Wedding card write original idea gorgeous poem

Congratulations to the wedding rose wedding rings

The happy wedding is always a good idea

Wedding saying humorous

The ideal husband does not exist. The ideal husband remains single.

Oscar Wilde

Wedding card write inspiring ideas

Marriage sayings love time

The clever husband buys his wife only the most expensive porcelain, because then he can be sure that she does not throw it at him.

Gino Locatelli

Congratulation to the wedding funny ideas

Wedding card wonderful look Love wanted and found

A marriage works well if the woman is blind and the man is deaf.

Finnish proverb

romantic wedding wish

Love, what a lovely haze! But in marriage, there is the art.

Theodor Storm

original wedding card wishes for the future

great sayings and poems wedding love

In marriage, you have to argue every now and then, otherwise you will learn nothing from each other!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wishes for the future Happiness love wedding

If you have no sense of humor, you should not marry.

Eduard Mörike

Quotations wedding Jeanne Moreau
The secret of a happy marriage is to treat disasters as incidents and incidents not as disasters.

Harold George Nicolson

short sayings wedding without rhyme romantic

Bachelors live by the motto: Better two rings under the eyes, than one on the finger.

Mario Adorf

Say good luck love wedding

Marriage is like a besieged castle that’s in there, wanting to get out, and those who are outside want to get in there.

Frank Sinatra

Wishes for the future wedding

wish you a happy wedding

Sayings best friend wedding poem lovingly

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