Concrete planter: 25 spectacular deco concepts for the terrace
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Concrete planter: 25 spectacular deco concepts for the terrace

Concrete flower boxes convince by their numerous advantages – they are not only particularly stable and resistant, but they also impress with their modern look and pleasant design. These types of planters are just as suitable for the balcony, the garden, the terrace, and can create a pleasant atmosphere even in the office. Here you will find 25 original design ideas and examples of concrete buckets. Let yourself be inspired!

Set original design accents in the outdoor area

Concrete planter

Concrete planter

Concrete flowerpot

Flower tub concrete ideas and inspirations

Concrete planter

Flower box concrete

Planter concrete geometric shapes

Concrete planter

Planter concrete square shape

original flower pots made of concrete

Concrete planters can set original accents without being in the foreground, and their stylish design with Urbantouch underline the beauty of the plants. The concrete as material acts at the same time simple and modern, and is either with visible pores, or pore poor. The pores contribute to the authentic look of the concrete, the pore-poor surfaces are recommended against moss formation and frost. The planters made of concrete are definitely a chic and high-quality decoration in the living or business area, and can still serve as an original seating element.

Concrete planter – advantages

Planters made of concrete design ideas

Concrete planter Ideas and inspirations

rectangular flower tub concrete

Concrete planter with seat element

Planter cylinder shape concrete

three rectangular flower tubs made of concrete

Concrete planter creative design ideas

Flower tub in concrete look

Concrete planter

Concrete flower box

Some people argue that the concrete planters are too massive and heavy to give the terrace or balcony an elegant look. But such points of view do not take into account the numerous advantages of this kind of planters at all. Perhaps most importantly, the concrete is characterized by its very high strength. This material is stress-resistant, winter-proof and frost-proof, so the concrete planters can easily stay out in the winter months and only after many years do they break – with other frost-resistant materials this is rarely the case. Furthermore, these types of flower vases are massive, but their simple, geometric shapes simply radiate style.

Concrete planter: elegant and high-quality decoration of the living area

Large concrete planter

Planter made of concrete unusual design

Flower pots made of concrete geometric shapes

Flower tub concrete square shape

Planters made of concrete

If you have decided on concrete planters, your choice is huge – there are a variety of different designs and models on the market. Of course, you can also pour the flower container yourself – most importantly, the tubs have a good water drain, so that the excess water can drain off.

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