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Coloration design: Which colours match?

Which colors match? There is no objective answer, because you can not straighten over your personal taste. But you do not need a painter education to know how best to combine wall paints together. We are happy to help you with our tips so that your apartment looks harmonious. Actually, a particular color can bring more brightness and dimension to your home.

Which colors match: Note the color wheel, which always has the same shape

Which colors match color wheel

The color wheel is the answer to the question: which colors match. If you are unsure with the combination of wall paints, take your bearings. The colors that face each other in the color wheel, for example red and green or yellow and violet are called complementary colors. With a combination of these wall paints you create tension in the room. If you seek harmony, you only accentuate one color. You can always combine the complementary colors with white.

Harmonic effect: Combine colors that lie between two primary colors

Which colors match orange

For a modern apartment, combine different shades of orange and red. These colors create a warm mood and well-being. To red also bright tones, such as beige, cream, vanilla or white. It is recommended that you use red only for accent walls. But if you prefer colorful spaces, you can combine more powerful shades with red. But be sure to use all the colors at the same intensity, otherwise it will become too restless. You can also create an elegant look with classic red and white combinations.

Feeling at home with green as well as in the garden

Which colors are the right color?

The soft greens have a relaxing effect. And it has become a fashion, too. The trend colors are called “bamboo” or “fern”. It is surprising, but there are green in bluish and yellowish nuances. In the picture you see a yellowish greens, which has an invigorating and fresh effect. This is enhanced in combination with brown tones. Sand, beige, cream, vanilla and light gray go well with blue nuances.

The colors at the corners harmonize well with each other.

Which colors match Yellow Magenta

One possible combination would therefore be yellow, magenta and cyan. This is also the current trend for the living room – yellow combined with beige or caramel. You can get a positive mood in the room with the combination of green and blue tones. If your home is decorated in the minimalist style, bring the chic in your home if you use wall colors yellow and gray.

Bright wall colors for small rooms

Which colors fit together monotonous

Almost everyone knows that the bright colors visually magnify, but there are still some tricks that you need to consider. Forget the myth that only white has to be used for small rooms. Creamy white, beige, taupe, light blue, vanilla yellow, apricot or rosé can also be used. And if you choose the decor in the same color you will feel like in a big palace. The beige spectrum is warm and gives a pleasant living atmosphere. For living rooms, the tone-in-tone combination with brown looks very harmonious.

Each room is luxurious with Violet

Our tip is violet, as a strong color to be used for accent walls. For large wall surfaces, light basic shades in gray, cream, beige or café-latte nuances. But if you use this color, you must pay attention to the lighting conditions of the room. Highly recommended for the bedroom is the combination of beige and violet. Powerful is the combination with yellowish tones.

And do not forget! Which wall color you choose, you should not only depend on the scientific theory or for a fancy name of the nuance, but also on the size of the room. But the most important thing is your own well-being. Experiment!

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