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Christmas door wreath – artistic concepts for festive door ornament

Christmas wreath-The tight knock on the door

There is almost no one in the world who does not know Christmas. The “feast of love”, as Christmas is also called, is something very special for many people; the family celebrates together. The Advent season is a very pleasant time, even if it is nice and cold outside, because you go together Christmas Market It is made with the children and cookies are baked, candlelight burns everywhere and it smells of cinnamon and cloves. First of all is Christmas a feast with many gifts , especially the children are really happy. We show you several creative ideas for Türkranz Christmas, with which you can prepare a cozy festive mood for your family and your neighborhood.

Door wreath Christmas – a must

Pretty Christmas wreath as door decoration

Are you looking for ways to highlight your Christmas decoration this year? This beautiful, unique wreaths make for a cozy Christmas mood not only in your family, but also in the whole neighborhood.

Make a door wreath out of toilet paper rolls

Christmas wreath from toilet paper rolls

For a door wreath of toilet paper rolls you need about 18 to 20 rolls. Press the rollers so that the opening gets a lens shape. Cut each roll into 5 equal slices. If you did not paint the rolls before cutting, you would now need to paint each piece with green paint. A helpful idea for dyeing would be the toilet paper rolls before you start with the garland to dip in green food coloring and let it dry. Now you have now cut the individual parts and can glue them together with the hot glue gun to a flower. Five pieces form a flower, so you stick them all together by putting a point on each side of the sheet, about 1 cm from the corner, with the pistol. Now arrange the flowers in a circle and glue them together. Then make another wreath this time but with 2 fewer flowers and glue them together. Now put the two wreaths on top of each other, of course the larger one wreath first and the smaller above. Now both wreaths must be glued together so that they can hang tightly together. As a decoration, you can put a few red beads in the center of the flowers or decorate the wreath with a large red or gold ribbon.

Christmas treats made of dried orange slices

Christmas wreath of dried orange slices

Making a door wreath is very easy. They simply take a wreath, can also be made of foam, and glue the dried orange slices together with the hot glue gun. For refinement, you can also use something green or a nice bow.

Door wreath from net loop

Net grinding wreath

This is a very unusual idea, but has a sensational result. Choose the wide net loop in matching colors. Cut about 10 cm wide pieces and roll up. Tie the rollers in the middle to the steel frame until a voluminous wreath results. The result will blow you away.

Christmas door wreath of linen bow

Totally simple and beautiful door wreath

This wreath is made on the same principle as the wreath from above. Here you only have to choose a simple natural linen net loop. For the certain Christmas something, come here large red-glittering pearls used and set decent Christmas accents , Let your imagination run free and create the best door decoration for Christmas, so prepare your family a restful and cozy atmosphere.

Door wreath made of net loops and decorative loops

Christmas door wreath from decoration and net loops

Tying the door wreath for Christmas

Do Christmas wreath yourself

Nice Colorful and easy – door wreath for Christmas

Door wreath step at step

Creative idea for home improvement – door wreath of tubes

Christmas wreath from tubes

Coordinated Christmas decoration for inside and outside

Tuned door and staircase decoration

Fresh apples at the door – waiting for Santa Claus

Christmas wreath with fresh apples

Tree bark – door wreath – a simple Christmas decoration

Door wreath of tree bark - very interesting

Christmas wreath bind from the first advent

Kranzbinden - a great occupation before Christmas

Fabric remnants can make your Christmas more beautiful

Simple cloth door wreath for christmas

Christmas mood for family and Nachbarschft

Gold green Christmas wreath

Door wreath and table wreath color coordinated a silver Christmas magic

 Christmas decoration for more comfort at home

Totally creative - Christmas door wreath star-shaped decorated with nuts

Christmas wreath with dry oranges and cinnamon sticks

Tie and decorate the door wreath

Net grind wreath for christmas

Door wreath of paper flowers - very nice decoration for Christmas

Christmas wreath of paper garlands

Do Christmas wreath yourself

beautifully decorated Christmas wreath

Richly decorated wreath for Christmas

pretty door wreath Christmas with poinsettias and golden bows

a great and creative idea for door wreath from fabric leftovers

Beautiful door wreath with snow and fir trees

Beautiful Christmas house decoration for a good festive mood

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