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Cheeky and cheerful dwelling: youth room

Fresh colors, cool furniture, cheeky accessories – young people love the trendy. They want to demarcate themselves and retire to their own world. If you have teenage children, then you probably know how strong the need to retreat of the offspring is. No matter how small or large a youth room is, it can always be turned into an individual place for an adolescent. This guide gives tips on setting up.

For the color concept blue - mint - white the natural looking flooring fits very well.

For the color concept blue – mint – white the natural looking flooring fits very well.

Set the color concept

The first step to the new youth room is to define the new color concept. It forms the framework in which the purchase of new furniture and accessories moves. If the color palette is fixed, then in the next step, it will be quite easy to select the appropriate furnishings, as the focus is correspondingly purposeful.

As a color combination for a boy’s room offer different pallets. Popular, for example

  • Turquoise – Black – White
  • Apple Green – Gray – White
  • Brown – Green – Black.

For a Girl’s room For example, these color combinations are suitable:

  • Pink – gray – white
  • Blue – Green – Pink – White
  • Apricot – Blue – Gray.

Tip: Make the colors together with your child. Choose a large pin board to collect samples, color cards and photos from magazines. It is thus possible to let the color combination work on itself and to determine in which ratio the colors best match each other. It makes a big difference whether, for example, in the color combination brown – green – black more green or more black parts are selected.

Create a framework and provide the details with the necessary pep

If the color concept is fixed, it is advisable to use the main color as the leading color, but not to overweight it. White is always suitable as an antipole. It calms and provides a neutral balance. For example, if the boys’ room is to be designed in turquoise – black and white, a wall and floor covering could be designed in turquoise. The furniture turns white with black handles, the accessories in turquoise, black and white. Deco elements are cool black and white photographs, such as pictures of motorcycles, cars or other things that interest your son. Individual black and white pictures and own photos on canvas can also be realized via photo shops.

Natural colors, a nostalgic chandelier - here, adolescent girls feel comfortable.

Select the appropriate furniture

The design of the furniture influences a room significantly and you should look for the beautiful furniture with the teenager young living be inspired. If you see the furniture in a fully furnished room, you can imagine the result in the new youth room at home much better. In addition, rummaging through the online store is a good opportunity to take a look at some things. After all, professionals have prepared the spaces for the photographers and made sure that the details match. In addition to the furniture, especially the accessories, which make a room really comfortable. How is the bed upholstered? Are there plants in the room? Which pictures are used and which colors have the frames? Are mirrors visible? Which lamps provide light? You see, there are many things that contribute to a successful overall impression. Use the practical examples of the professionals.

Tip: Talk to your son or daughter about what he or she expects from the new room. Which wishes should be fulfilled? Often, children around the age of 12 or 13 change their behavior because puberty leaves them no choice. While she’s been with the door open with eye contact to mom or dad on the floor in her colorful kids room Now they are closing the door and want to drink tea and chat with their girlfriend, hang out alone on the computer or chat with friends. Make sure you have a cozy sitting area, a comfortable desk chair, and a large enough bed to meet your child’s personal needs.

Design creates atmosphere

When choosing furniture, keep in mind that they will determine the environment for a few years. What does your child wish for, what suits him or her? Nostalgic metal furniture turns a girl’s room into a dream retreat. Modern white cabinets with matching bedstead give a boy’s room a stylish touch. Black furniture, on the other hand, creates a gloomy mood. Depending on personal preferences and wishes, experiments with colors and designs may take place especially in rooms of adolescents. Because in the end applies: is allowed, what pleases.

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