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Tattoo star signal and symbols

Tattoo star sign and symbols

Humankind has been fascinated by the zodiac for millennia, when we first connected the dots between the stars and named the constellations. There is a real romance and magnetism in the idea that our lives and actions are influenced by heaven. It’s no wonder then that zodiac tattoo designs abound. …

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50 Symbolic Mayan Tattoo Designs

50 Symbolic Mayan Tattoo Designs

Here you will find 50 Symbolic Mayan Tattoo Designs – ancient art, fused in modern tattoos. If you have no Maya tattoo or never thought of getting one, you will miss out on one of the trendiest body art styles. The Mayans are one of the most talked-about ancient civilizations. …

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Pigeons tattoo designs and concepts

Pigeons tattoo designs and ideas

Watch 50 pigeon tattoo designs that fascinate! The dove is the bird of peace, love and piety. As God’s representative, this is one of the most iconic and universal symbols of faith and devotion. This humble little bird began his journey as a religious symbol in the Middle East and …

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Infinite signal tattoo meanings

Infinite sign tattoo meanings

There are few tattoos that make a lot of sense, but still look simple. Most tattoos that meet both criteria, are religious symbols such as, for example, the Star of David or a infinity symbol tattoo that is not religious, but has much meaning. It is both beautiful and simple. …

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The perfect tattoos for ladies: 6 spectacular concepts

The best tattoos for women: 6 spectacular ideas

If you are considering canceling a tattoo, read this article! Here’s an overview of the best tattoos for women that look both delicate and original. In addition to the most recent tattoo designs lately, you will also find useful information about their symbolic meaning. Let yourself be inspired! The best …

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Orchids Tattoo – Concepts, designs and meanings

Orchids Tattoo - Ideas, designs and meanings

You decided to get an orchid tattoo? Then this text is very interesting !!! The orchid tattoos are very popular among women and, occasionally, among men. For those who carry them as art on the body, the orchid has a great significance as a symbol. Since the orchids come in …

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Clef Tattoo That means

Clef Tattoo Meaning

You want to get a clef tattoo engraved? The clef is a musical sign. It is defined as a key placing the G over the middle C on the second line of the staves. In notation, it is located on the staves that can determine the musical note by fixing …

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His tattoo – concepts for women and men

His tattoo - ideas for men and women

The tattoos are a great way to express your personality and world attitude. The right design and the right place are very important, because a tattoo anyway causes a lot of pain and costs. The tattoo art can be performed on various parts of the body – the chest, lower …

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Coronary heart tattoo – that means and concepts

Heart tattoo - meaning and ideas

Hearts are the most common symbol of love, passion and worship, although there are other meanings for a heart tattoo and every heart tattoo can mean something different to each person. The hearts were featured in tattoo designs because the tattoos have gained first popularity with the sailors. The heart …

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