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Paint nails – some suggestions for nail designs

Paint nails - some tips for nail designs

We paint nails best ourselves. Anyone who does not dare, of course, can go to the pro. It takes a lot of time. Every lady can paint nails with nail polish. So you save the way to the nail salon and can paint the nails, for example, in the evening …

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Fascinating gel nails Images Gallery with Excessive Traits 2017

Fascinating gel nails Pictures Gallery with Top Trends 2017

It’s this time of the year when designers showcase the new fascinating nail design trends. We learned what’s going on in the new season and collected a stunning gel nails gallery for you. The beautifully decorated gel nails are an absolute eye-catcher and complement to the fashionable outfit. And that’s …

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25 stunning gel nails sample to mimic

25 beautiful gel nails pattern to imitate

Gel nails are a total hit today – not only because they look beautiful and always shiny, but also because they enhance natural nails and promote their growth. In this post we present you with 25 wonderful ideas for gel nails patterns, from which you can draw inspiration for your …

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Paint toenails – 30 cool concepts for the summer time

Paint toenails - 30 cool ideas for the summer

Summer is already here and the preparations for the beach have already begun! Swimsuit is bought, the new hair styling is done, what is missing? Paint the toenails and put on sandals! The nail polishes are as fashionable as our outfits and depend most on the season. Colors and patterns, …

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French gel nails Spitz – 21 stunning design concepts

French gel nails Spitz - 21 beautiful design ideas

For every modern woman, the beautiful, neat fingernails are important, so in this post we offer you 21 wonderful gel nails Spitz ideas for French manicure. The suggestions that you like best could either be shown to your manicurist, or try to imitate them yourself. Take a look at the …

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